Memories and Heartache

October 14, 2009
Another night has come about, another day has passed me by. Throughout these past twelve hours, only really one person has been on my mind, the memory of his face fills me. From his dirty blonde hair, to his unique birthmark. His hazel eyes looking right through me, a blank expression across his face. This is all i have left of him, mere memories of the one that broke my heart.
This happens everyday, his face fills my mind, and his voice fills my ears, his scent is in my nose. This is how i remember him, it's the only way i can. My heart aches, and i cry out for him, but this will never change. He will never hear my cries or see my tears. He will never understand my pain.
I try to move on, over and over again. Every time i get close though, something goes wrong. Either i can't handle it, cause he's still on my mind. Or something else happens to end my happiness. He was my first love, he is my previous love, and though i cannot have him, i will ALWAYS love him. Who is this man that stole my heart, and shattered it like glass? His name, i dare not say.

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broken_hearted_lover93 said...
Nov. 9, 2009 at 9:36 am
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