Visit to my uncles

September 30, 2009
“Where are you going?” I asked my uncle, as he was about to leave out the door.

“Back to Missouri,” he replied. Then he asked if I wanted to come with him and my aunt to stay at their house for the summer. I said, “yes,” considering all my friends were on vacation for the summer, and I was about to be at home bored for two and a half months.

The drive there was long and boring. All we did was listen to music the whole time. We left at 10:00 that morning, and made it to Missouri at 12:00 that night. I got confused at first, because I didn’t think they lived on a military base, plus I never had been on base before.

Then later that night when we arrived at their house, I had a surprised look on my face. The house was made of neatly stacked, and red bricks that were cemented together. It was decently big, three times the size of a normal sized classroom, I would say, if not bigger. When we finally entered, I saw walls painted as white as snow, and three bedrooms as I walked down the hall. What a nice house, I thought to myself. After looking around, I went to the room I would be staying in. It was empty, except for a small air mattress, and rested my eyes.

Later that day when I woke up my uncle was barbecuing. He told me about the party we were about to have. Everyone in the neighborhood was coming and we were supposed to be getting everything ready at the time. When the party finally started, I stayed in the living room. I didn’t move at all that night, because I didn’t know anyone and I was shy. I just played the video game all night until I fell asleep later that night.

The days started going by fast after the party. The next couple of weeks all I could think of was going home, because I had been away from home for most of my summer now. The last day in June my uncle took me to the beach. It was huge, and everyone was swimming very well. I got a little discouraged at first, because I felt like I was the only one at the beach who couldn’t swim, when I saw little kids who looked like they were seven years old swimming like pros. Later that day we left, and I started to feel even more homesick than before.

I decided to wait until the month of July was almost over to tell him I was ready to go considering I was having fun. For about two weeks we went to parties, shows, and all kinds of events. The coolest event was the air show. This man was walking on the wing of a plane, and doing all kinds of tricks as the plane twirled and turned. Then the best party I went to was at the military base. Everyone attended and there was all kinds of foods and drinks. That was the only party I actually conversated with someone my own age.
A couple of weeks had passed in July, when I told my uncle I was ready to go home. He then told me “okay,” and said we would leave first thing in the morning. On my way home seemed longer than going to Missouri. Probably because I was being impatient to see everyone back at home, especially all of my friends who had come home from their break. When I finally made it home and settled in, I felt like never leaving that far away from home ever again. After that summer break, I never visited out of state for more than a month.

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