Change my life

October 9, 2009
My life has changed so much throughout these past years, I say this because when my sister died I had to grow up and grow up fast. Many things have changed me too make me into the person I am today. Growing up was real hard for me watching my dad beating my mom till she bleed half to death. Even though it was hard I stayed by her and after my sister died it was really just me and her so I had to be there for her whenever she needed something. I have learned a lot about myself throughout these past years about myself. I have learned that no matter what people say family isn’t always there too help and that people that call themselves friends really aren’t. I want too change my life its okay but I know it can be better. So many things I have done wrong that I wish I could redo. I wish I bring my sister back so everything would be great again. A lot of late night thoughts about all this have track meets through my mind. Nevertheless if these changes wouldn’t have taken place it wouldn’t make me who I am right?

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