The New Boy

October 1, 2009
By tianasaur BRONZE, Copper Canyon, Texas
tianasaur BRONZE, Copper Canyon, Texas
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I sat on the computer, typing quickly to dill in a MySpace survey. Favorite colors? Blue and black. My leg was jumping nervously but I tried to ignore it. I glanced at the clock, noticing it had been about half an hour since he said he left. Right as I thought that, I heard the doorbell ring. I jumped up quickly, nearly knocking over the chair I had been sitting on.

When I opened the door, my first thought was simply “this is him.” He had dyed black hair with blonde chunks, a colorful jacket, and skinny jeans. When he looked up from his Itouch, I found myself looking into the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen. Flustered, the only thing I managed to squeak out was an “oh hi” before I spun around and walked back towards the computer room.

“Be right back…gotta get something,” I called over my shoulder, trying to sound calm. I grabbed my mp3 player off the desk and stood next to the computer for a second. Then I sighed and rolled my eyes. Had I really just said ‘hi’ and walked away? Really? I shook my head and tried to calm my nerves. It was so weird, no boy ever made me nervous, yet one look at this kid made me tongue-tied and had turned my brain to mush. My hands were shaking as I put my music player in my pocket and turned back towards the door. I walked back over to where he was standing and smiled, letting out a smooth “hey, Brandon.”

Next thing I knew, we were heading over to the car. Noticing that there was only one passenger seat and two of us, I turned and insisted he sit on my lap. When he gave me a puzzled look, I explained I just really don’t like sitting on laps. He shrugged and I sat down in the seat. We were headed over to my buddy Dj’s house, a neutral territory for us, who were almost strangers. It also was a place where I was comfortable and would hopefully be a lot less nervous. On the way I noticed that he smelled really good, and it was making my head spin. A few minutes later we arrived at the house and were back on our feet.

We walked into Dj’s room and I introduced Brandon to her and Kita. I then realized I hadn’t yet gotten a hug from him, and when I did, I noticed how perfectly we fit together. His arms wrapped around me tight, and I felt an excited jolt go down my spine. When we pulled away I knew that my eyes were shining, and I hoped that was what I was seeing in his eyes too. I looked down shyly and sat down on the floor. Not knowing what to do with my again shaking hands, I grabbed a piece of paper and began to doodle.

Suddenly Dj jumped up and grabbed her camera, dancing around excitedly and singing “picture tiiiime!” She clicked a few of Kita, a few of herself, and a couple of me and Brandon. Suddenly her smile grew into a devious grin and she whispered “kiss him.” I looked at her, wide-eyed, knowing she was serious. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, I was just nervous out of my mind. I turned back to Brandon, hoping he didn’t mind. He looked into my eyes and muttered a simple “okay.” I closed my eyes and leaned in until I felt our lips touch. A spark about ten times stronger than the one from the hug coursed through my body. I smiled and looked down again, praying in my head that he had felt the same thing.

In that little peck I had felt something new, a total sense of perfection and belonging. From that little kiss I knew we were going to have something special, and I couldn’t wait until I could see just what that something was. Brandon was a new someone in my life, and I knew from that first day that he would always be important to me.

(This story is for you, Sceneasaur. I love you)

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