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September 29, 2009
By jungul yeum BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
jungul yeum BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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When I was 14 years old, I had my dream. I wanted to be a doctor, because my father said doctor is a nice job for me. I said to my father, “I will study hard, and I will be a doctor. So don’t worry.” Actually, at that time I was good at biology, and I liked to learn about it. Whenever I went to hospital, I thought doctor was a nice job. I appreciated doctors. When I saw them, they looked like King. I also heard that doctor earn a lot of money, and I wanted to help sick people and poor people. Many reasons attracted to me. The smell was so sweet like frying beef steak. I really wanted to be a doctor, and I believed that I can be a doctor. However, though it was very hard to become a doctor, I didn’t study hard.

Eventually, when I was in high school, I got bad score on biology class. Actually, I didn’t much effort, and high school biology was very difficult to other students as well as me. I gave up, soon. However I regret about it now. After this event, I thought what I have to do in future. Once a day, I had chance to dismantle mp3. It was interesting for me. After this event, I wanted to buy mp3 which was nice technology and design to see inside. I bought four mp3 until now. Whenever I used them, I surprised about technology and design. Among Four mp3, one was iPod nano three generation, the others were Samsung products. I think iPod’s technology and design are better than Samsung’s, but I believe Samsung also will reach to high level like iPod, so I want to go to Samsung Company. I also said to my parent, “I think engineer is more proper to me, so I changed my dream to engineer.”

Now, I think I must not give up. I get high score on physics while I get low score on biology, now. So I realized I am good at physics better than biology. I want to see inside of machines, and I also want to know about technology of many machines. In the future, I will go famous company, and I will make many technologies.

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