Dear Point blank Period,...we were love

September 27, 2009
By Doublez3 BRONZE, Berkeley, California
Doublez3 BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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I guess our memories came up short when you walked away. And I guess though patience is known to be a given, you took it. Leaving me with tears drop stains. So along with your two feet, your two legs, and two arms you took two hearts. Mine entangled in yours. You see we lost ourselves in each other. Fitting like two puzzle pieces. Your palm on my back and my chest to yours, lips form fitted and carefully tracing each detail with my fingers. Wanting to soak up every bit of you. And wanting to love. But we were love. I kept telling you, that I don’t want today to be a maybe or associated with question marks, and I don’t want tomorrow to be like yesterday. So we lived in the moment. Taking each others breaths away with a touch, a look, a kiss. Catching ourselves within each other and then losing every care that came to mind that had had nothing to do with us. We were love. So now when you may say that it’s over and that you and I were nothing, I couldn’t believe it, because you were my everything, and yet I was just your something on the side. The one to be associated with during your lonely nights, the one that could never stand to look away from your eyes. So now you put tears in them. But then You’d curl up beside me, never could stand to keep your hands away from my body, stay on the phone for hours even when we had nothing to say, and soothe me gently every time you saw I was in pain. So lets face it I’m the original and she’s nothing but the sorry excuse for a duplicate. And we were love. And you got caught up. Chasing something that was never meant to be yours in the first place. Feeding me lies so you could invade my space. And pasteing smiles on my face only so you could cover up the real. So now you look past me, though I remember a time where I would always catch you staring. Because you were my fairy tale, and you were my everything. And we were love. But I guess, now all that’s thrown away. But I kept waiting for you to catch me, waiting for you to come back to me, waiting for the silence to end and to hear your voice because you were everything. Drowning constantly, tryna grasp air because you meant so much to me. Your face I still see it, your heart I still hear beating. And I’m still wrapped up in you. Because I remember, back when on that first night you lay’d right next to me and said everything was alright. My breath caught as your lips traced my neck and I clung to you. Wanting you to hold me tighter, and I put nothing above you. But now I must break free, even though I want you so badly. And though you may have her and never again will there be a you and me. I will always remember that, we were love.

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scaniok said...
on Oct. 8 2009 at 9:55 pm
This piece is truly beautiful. The way you wrote your thought and feelings down on paper is incredibly remarkable. I adore the way that you repeat the line, “we were love” because it is a constant reminder of the matter of this paper; you never truly understand what it is like to love someone until they have left you. I also enjoyed when you made comparisons such as; “Fitting like two puzzle pieces” and “I loved you like an unfulfilled desire.” I hope that you find the strength to move onward with life and I would love it if you decide to continue to write. The way you state your words is honestly breath-taking!


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