What Is Change?

September 24, 2009
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Change- to make the nature, form, or future course of something different than what it is or would have been if it was left alone. Is any definition of change correct? I would have to answer that question as a no. Change is constantly happening, even when you don’t realize it. There is no way to stop it. It can happen in a second, day, month, year, of even over a span of centuries. There can be small changes, or tremendous changes. One second of thought or action can change your life in so many ways. I mean, think about it. One thought leads to another, and to another. It’s a chain reaction of change. Thinking about change can change everything. Trippy right?

Why do so many people have a fear of change? To me, change doesn’t even exist. Are you confused yet? How can change occur when it would have turned out the same anyways? But then again, change does exist. If it didn’t, how would I be talking about it right now? There are so many questions that could be asked on this topic. Try this. Think about all your questions and try to answer them yourself. Then, come up with your own definition. Now, ask yourself, is that what change is?

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