My Own Personal Flasher

September 17, 2009
By , Park City, UT
For me, Lake Powell is the best place in the world. No where exotic, no where historic, just a plain old desert lake. My whole family loves Lake Powell, as do many other families, and because we love it so much, we go every summer. So this year, we decided to invite a couple more families to come with us. There were three. The first family had all boys, and one of the boys I had a crush on. The other family was a family of two boys and two girls. And the last family was the whole family of my best friend which included four girls and two boys. Two of the three families brought what we like to call “Play Boats”, just the small boats that you would do water sports on, and my family rented a huge house boat big enough to hold 30 people. This was a recipe for a great trip.

On the way over to finding our own island, everyone on the boat started to bond and get to be closer to one an other. So finally, when we found our island, everyone began to push each other into the water. Of corse, once I found out about this, I went to go put on my bathing suit. It was a cute little bikini. When I walked out to where everyone was pushing each other, I saw my sister and one of the oldest boys friend in a restling match trying to push each other off. So of course, me being the the younger sister, I pushed them both in together. So when they came back out, they came after me. My sister grabbed me around my ribs, and the boy grabbed my legs. As I was struggling, I guess my sisters arms must have slipped because when I was just hanging over the water, I saw my dad and my crushes expressions and thats when I realized that my bathing suit top had slid up. I did the only thing I could do and covered myself up while I was thrown into the water.

It was so embarrassing!

And so that is how my own personal flasher, and the most embarrassing moment of my life came to be.

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sweetNINgirl said...
Sept. 21, 2009 at 3:50 am
Eeeeek!!!! Cringe moment! But yeah, it could have been worse, and you must be over it if you can let others read and laugh (good-naturedly!) about it! It won't really matter when you eventually meet and marry the love of your life... :)
NativeWriter said...
Sept. 20, 2009 at 9:58 pm
sucks that it happened like that but you can never turn back the hands of time so all you can do is say it happened, it was embaressing, but i'm going to move on and forget about it because remember it could always be worse. You were also lucky you relized it happened and that it wasn't your bottoms so remember you were lucky and you will move on and forget it ever happened
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