Rudeness of Divisoria

September 15, 2009
By JessicaJerahmel BRONZE, Harmon, Other
JessicaJerahmel BRONZE, Harmon, Other
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December is coming and I reminisce about Christmas in the Philippines once again. I remember my family going to a huge mall called Divisoria in the heavily populated Manila, where shopping seems to be the most exciting activity. The place was densely packed with people from all walks of life, jeepneys whose drivers’ think they’re kings of the road, tricycles, although being small, transports people from one place to another for a cheap price. Beggars and trash are everywhere too, surrounding the sidewalk that prevents people from reaching their point of destination. These do not bother me at all because I have prior knowledge to how Divisoria is—but the insolence of Divisoria itself vexed the remaining patience that I had so thoroughly kept.

I was so excited when I stepped there again for the first time after a long time to check some stuff to give on Christmas. But right after I entered the boulder-like doors that paved its way to the most stressful shopping mall ever, the smile that I plastered on my face quickly disappeared. Sellers practically yell at their potential customers just to get their attention, people step on your foot, sellers and buyers alike bump on you just to get by without bothering to say, “I’m sorry”, and delinquents for the most part steal your purse and jewelry without difficulty at all. But purses and jewelry are not the only valuable pieces stolen. The vendors too, have been continually robbed with their sales.

Another one of my pet peeves in Divisoria is the reluctance of the sales people. They seem unwilling to help you, they never smile, they are impatient, and they are unfriendly. I once chanced upon a nice pair of jeans and asked the sales lady if I could have a size 25 of that particular pair—but she gave me a 26. I returned it and politely asked again for a 25, but she just snatched the jeans out of my hands and I swear I heard her mumble something. So as much as I’d love the jeans that she’s selling, I hated the way she treated me, so I walked away. What she just showed me made me think about how she treats other potential customers, too.

After the vile experience that I’ve had with Divisoria, I made a mental note to myself never to go back there again. Although the place itself was not appealing, it never really got to me. The rudeness that people showed, the discourtesy and impoliteness, is what irked me the most. It might take a long, long time before I set my sights again on that place... So long, Divisoria. Your rudeness drove me away.

The author's comments:
I just had to share this to everyone. I thought, why not write about it and have it published? People might actually realize what kind of world they're living in after reading this.

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