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The Last Day Junal Ever Danced On Top of A Glass Table

December 10, 2018
By Emir SILVER, Tirana, Other
Emir SILVER, Tirana, Other
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It was a bright sunny day in New York. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon and Junal, a three year old girl was in the living room of her house. She lived in New York with her parents and older brother in their three floor house. She was in the living room which was surrounded with white blank walls. She was going around in circles and dancing in silence on a glass table in the living room. This was one of the few moments where her brother wasn’t annoying her and she was really enjoying herself.

Her mom had warned her to dance somewhere else as otherwise she could fall and hurt herself. Junal had assured her mom that she was going to be careful and that nothing would happen to her. However, as soon as her mom left the room, she forgot all about the promise and started going around in circles again, faster and faster. After a while, going around in circles started making her dizzy. Then, Junal paid the price for not listening to her mom because she suddenly lost her balance and fell. It was not her lucky day. The skin underneath her eye hit one of the sharp corners of the table.

She screamed. At first she didn’t feel the pain. There was blood everywhere and her vision was blurred. Then the pain hit her. It was the most intense pain she had ever felt in her life. She started screaming and crying even louder which caused her mom to hear her. Junal’s mom suddenly burst through the door. When she saw her daughter covered in blood, she almost fainted.

She quickly got her and put her in the back of their black Mercedes. Then she quickly got her car keys and she drove Junal to the nearest hospital. She then parked the car in front of the hospital, got Junal, and sprinted through the door into the hospital’s emergency department. Junal was confused as to what was happening. Everything was happening very fast. She was then put into an emergency room. At first, she was almost blinded by the light in the room. It was so bright! Her mom put her on top of the hospital bed in the room. Then, four doctors came into the room. They decided that Junal would have to get stitches. They gave her a painkiller so she wouldn’t feel the pain when they gave her stitches. She was told to stand still and she did as she was told.

After the painkiller she was feeling better, she could no longer feel the pain. When the doctors finished their work putting the stitches on, they put a bandage over the wound. After that, the doctors said that she could go home. So Junal and her mom went back into the car and they drove back home. When they got back, everyone in the house was waiting to hear what had happened. When they heard the story, they were all shocked. Junal’s mom was angry with herself that she had not realized that Junal was dancing on the glass table. After that day, Junal never danced on top of a glass table again.

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