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Stressing Over Things

May 4, 2018
By AntBands BRONZE, Brooklyn , New York
AntBands BRONZE, Brooklyn , New York
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 I have finally realized that I live in Foot Locker. Sneakers sneakers sneakers,all over my room. Everyone has that one thing they like so much and they cant stop buying,well mine is sneakers. If you were to walk in to my room today you will see so many sneakers and wonder how I have so many. I have way too much. Everyone who walks in to my room says the same thing “your room is like a sneaker store”. In my room I have two shelves above my bed with sneakers but I also have many more underneath my bed. My shoes are kept fresh because  every time I wear a pair I clean them off and put them back in the box. There are probably 15 on each rack. But they are not just piled up, they are arranged in a certain order. The order I have them arranged in is by what number jordans are they .I have jordan retros 1-14 which is all the popular ones , so I arrange them from retro 1 to retro 14. I have about two pairs of each retro. Not all my sneakers are jordans so the ones that are not I have them arranged from the ones I like the most to the least. These other brands are mostly adidas,pumas and nikes.Nikes are mainly on the top then I have the adidas and pumas.  Sneakers are my life and I don’t think I can ever stop buying them no matter how much space they take up in my room. One memory I have of someone walking in to my room and being shocked is my aunt. One day my aunt who have not been to my house in a long time came to my house”are you selling all of these ?””Do you buy a pair of sneakers everyday” ?. When I was younger I bought a new pair of jordans every 2 weeks. If I missed out on a release I would feel like I missed out on the biggest thing in life. I couldn’t miss not one release. What do you think happened if I missed a new pair of jordans that came out? Well let me just tell you everyone in my house knows not to talk to me for the whole day or maybe even 2 days. So angry I will not leave my room for the whole day or maybe even eat for the whole day either.


I was not just born and turned into a sneakerhead . My sneaker inspiration came from my cousin joshua. I always looked up to my cousin and wanted to be like him. He was like a mentor to me. We both are scorpios and have the same birthday which is why I think we connect so much. Joshua had cornrow braids and at this time I did also so we pretty much looked alike. as my same hair and almost the same facial features. Basically just looks like my older brother.  We act the same way with a really bad temper so if we want something we will try every way to get it possible. In most cases this “thing’ is sneakers. My cousin sneaker collection probably looked like michael jordan sneaker collection. Some way somehow he had all the new jordan releases and never missed not one. My cousin was so strict about his sneakers that he did not like anyone in his room or around his sneakers but I was so inspired by his sneaker collection that every time I went to his house I snuck into his room while he wasn’t there just to see the new sneakers that he got. His sneakers were always kept fresh even a year after he got them. Every time I entered his room it will be a new sneaker with a new outfit layed out. I don’t ever think he wore the same sneaker more then one time in a week. When I looked in to his sneaker closet it was like paradise to me ,sneakers stacked on sneakers I never saw something more beautiful.

One weekend going to my cousin house was probably one of the worse weekends of my life. There was these new jordans coming out the “Aqua 8s” that I wanted so bad but my mother had already bought me the new jordans that came out 2 weeks before so she was refusing to buy me these. I begged and begged and all this begging still led to a NO. Later this day we was going to my cousin house and I knew he would have them. I really wanted to see and try them on in person because I never had a pair of these type of jordans before but I knew he would not let me touch them because I have always been clumsy, so I needed a plan. While I was at his house I waited around all day for him to go outside then boom finally the time came.As soon as my cousin stepped foot out his house I ran into his room to check out the new sneakers. While checking them out I decided to drag it a bit and walk around the house with them but this did not go so well. While I am downstairs I hear the keys in the door,the door slowly unlocking and there was my cousin. I sprinted up the stairs so fast I didn’t even know my little cousin jamorie was standing at the top of the stairs.

While running up the stairs to put the sneakers I accidentally bumped into my little cousin jamorie who had a large cup of juice in his hand.The cup flyed up in the air and tremendously splattered all over my clothes and the sneakers. I start thinking to myself What do I do, what do I do ? my cousin is downstairs and I know he will be coming up soon. I take the sneakers in to the bathroom and try to clean them but it only makes them worse. These new sneakers the “Aqua 8s” was suede and I did not really know how to clean suede sneakers but I thought soap and water cleaned everything. So I carefully scrubbed these sneakers but after that they did not look no where close to new so I knew my cousin would notice.

Now only one thing instantly ran through my head, blame it on jamorie. He was only 5 years old while I was 9 so he won’t get in that much trouble as I would. Here go my cousin walking up the stairs . I dashed to his room to put the sneakers back in the box, luckily he had forgot something downstairs so he turned back around to get it. This gave me more time to put the sneakers away in the box and get out of his room. After this I just waited in the bathroom to see if he would notice. “What the f*** happen to my sneakers” He yelled. “Jaheim did you touch my sneakers “He snapped. “No ,It was jamorie he was checking them out and accidentally spilled juice on it” I replied very frightening knowing that I was not telling the truth . “Yoo jamorie you touched my sneakers ! are you crazy “ he shouted across the room . No Jaheim had them on and he bumped in to me while I had my cup in my hand “ he said with no hesitation. Now I am sitting in the room thinking of what to say next, I needed a plan asap but it was too late for that. Joshua did not even let me say another word ,he starts marching in to the room and instantly the first thing the came to my mind was RUN. So what did I do ? run ..I got up on my 2 feet and turned in to Usain Bolt. I zoomed down the stairs so fast ,I even jumped down about 5 stairs but there was  nowhere else to run .My cousin grabbed me and instantly hit me until I admitted it.  The only thing that really save me at this moment was my mother. My mother gave him the money to buy a new pair of sneakers but this only made me more angry because I could of had that same money to buy my sneakers. This only hurted me and made me realize that if I was not so addicted to sneakers this would not have happened. Now that I am growing up sneakers does not mean as much to me .I went from buying sneakers every 2 weeks to buy sneakers once a month or probably even 2 months. Sneakers are not important to me as they use to be because I realized sneakers do not define who I am and I basically buy the same sneakers in different colors which do not make sense. Do not spend time and money on things that are not as important because later on in life you might not even really need that object.

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My passion for sneakers.

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