Everywhere I Go

February 23, 2018
By Anonymous

Will we always fear the mountains in the distance?

Music, soft in the background with accent beats that flow in one ear and out the other. The energy flowing through my veins as the steps just move to feet. Choosing to accept “Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens” such as, from one dance to another doors are opened, lessons are learned, mistakes are made.
The simplest choice of wording put into a song can relate to a series of events in my life, but one in particular really stands out to me when listening to this song. Growing up with a dance background from the age of 2 was absolutely amazing. It began to grow into every part of my life from after school to down the hallways, in the grocery store and everywhere in between it just comes naturally.

The major obstacle that I’ve had to overcome as a dancer, are my fellow dancers, crazy right? “You get extra practice, Your sister’s the teacher, and you don’t have to work that hard” are just a few phrases that have been thrown my way in the past. I chose to “Never settle for the path of least resistance” and just move forward. I feel that I’m not at an advantage like everyone says, but if anything I’m at a disadvantage. Knowing that so many people expect a lot from me and holding my own standards very high, but knowing “When I get the choice to sit it out or dance” I dance.

It was a midsummer day and I can almost remember it like it was yesterday. As the bus began to grow inches closer to my house I knew my sister would be waiting. It was our Monday routine, she would wait at the end of the driveway for me to get off the bus and then our adventure would begin. Those 45 minute drives to the dance studio in Center Ossipee are ones I will never forget. When we arrive, the little ones would come running through the door anxious to know which shoes to put on, while I sat in the corner usually doing homework waiting for it to be my turn to take the floor.

The clock struck 5:30, it had only been about 2 hours but to me it was an eternity. I sat on the black Marley slowly beginning to stretch all my muscles from head to toe. Girls begin to come pouring in the door, all in which I knew except for one. Unsure of why she was there with thousands of questions running through my head, I just sat in silence. We began to move across the floor, some with grace touching every other person in the room and others not so much. My sister in which I had to refer to as Ms.Karoly during class time, had asked for any suggestions. Being young and eager instantly my hand flew through the air, “Sissy, lets do a PK turn, fan kick, illusion, step leap”. She agreed I went first to model for those who didn’t know what I meant, we got to the girl in the line in which I had seen before but didn't really know. “That’s your sister?” She questioned, after that she stood in shock unsure if she was going to move across the floor or not. Spatting out, “This isn’t fair”, “Of course she can do it”, “You’ve been practicing that for awhile”. Instantly I felt unwanted and shrunk in my skin, thinking back the words “I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean” played in my head. I was this little girl unsure of where i was going, stuck in this great big world of many challenges being thrown my way.

It’s the song that reminds me that through all the tough times, I can always dance it out. Bringing my mix of emotions to rest, where I can be whoever I want to be. All the obstacles that I’ve overcome have had their lessons for the past, present and future. When the real joy comes from my heart and just dancing it out. Always remembering when you get the chance “I hope you dance”.

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