Why Did You Stay

November 15, 2017
By teenjosiah BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
teenjosiah BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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I remember going to Mississippi to visit my grandfather and his family, my mom, brother, sisters, cousin and her mom went, her name is Amanda page. My baseball team singed a baseball for me because they knew I was going. It took two days to get there by bus the time we got there it was seven-o'clock p.m, we did a lot of things there like a family reunion and cook outs and kids playing outside with water sides, playing basketball, the parents usually listen to music and drink their soda's.

We finally made it to are grandfather's house and we meet his sister and brother. The next day there was really nothing to do there but watch television. Then I found out that he had a four-wheeler so I thought that was cool.

So he let me try the four-wheeler, it went so fast I felt the wind wipe the sweet off of me. The field was really big and the grass was huge it was about twenty-five inches so he made a race track so we can ride it anywhere in the yard.

My great aunt and uncle did not stay that long, they left in two weeks. We stayed for four weeks, but it seemed like it was a year because we had a lot of fun.

One day my brother and I went to go fishing, and we took a shot cut, it was fun and scary. It felt a stick went into my back and cut me, I also saw woods and big trees, and mountains. The grass felt like the same in Williamsport.

There were some wired foods there like fried tomatoes with syrup, thank god my mom was there because she made a watermelon basket with fruit in it. The main thing I liked was the chocolate strawberries.

I heard a car outside and it was my aunt I never knew about, and they're my age, but one is fourteen the other one is the same age as me thirteen.

It was the last week we were staying there, and we were starting to pack up, and we met this girl named Makayla, and she was crying. I thought she had got hurt, but she was crying because her dog died.

''I'll miss you Amanda, but why are you staying.'' I screamed.

''Because pop-pop is going to buy me a car.'' she laughed.

Amanda also told me she'll be back soon or in a year, I thought she was coming, but she did not come with us, I was so mad at myself, because I told her not to stay.

We finally got home after two days of driving and I had one more game to play, I pitched that ball so fast the hitter didn't even see it, then the umpire had called it out, so I was up to hit for the

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