New York

November 7, 2017
By Kris1 BRONZE, Lowell, Massachusetts
Kris1 BRONZE, Lowell, Massachusetts
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After a long trip, we are finally here, at Times Square. Although it was a trip to see my aunt in the Bronx, New York the best moment for me was experiencing the lights and craziness of Time Square. We came off the train and trying to get of the station, and soon, there we were, in Times Square. I see people walking up and down and I look up to see the tall buildings. “Wow I can’t believe I’m here” I said. Now walking further, I hear the cars beeping and music everywhere. “Let’s go over here” my cousin said to cross the street. We just kept walking and walking and I’m surprised that now one is tired because it is like 10:30 at night and my legs can’t take it anymore. I was tired as a sloth. I want to go “home” murmuring. “Well we have to keep on going” my mom said. The places we went through were a Yankee store and the central Times Square that had the staircase that people can climb to take pictures. We even watch people dance with them making the music instead of music being played. Then that’s when we went to a Disney store. I look around and I see are toys of famous Disney characters, clothes and etc. “Why aren’t we going to buy anything?” I said. “Because then Kenneth will want something as well” My mom said. Then we left. “ I am thirsty, I want something to drink” I said. “I am thirsty too, me too” the other children said. Then the parents bought us drinks. They bought me a sprite. The taste was crispy and sparkling. The soda felt cold and refreshing. Then we even passed by the “Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel” workplaces, and I was like “Wow It is  “Good Morning America”, “Wait is that Jimmy Kimmel place?, It is!”. It was the time that we were heading back. It was after midnight and the streets were still crowded.  It wasn't trouble to go back to the train, but the train was full ( full as an audience in an auditorium). Then it was a long walk back to my cousin’s house because the door was door. ‘Oh yeah I forgot we have to walk over there now, “great”,I said. I smell food while while over there. ‘Hmm, delicious food’, I said. ‘Yeah it is’, One of the children said.My legs were getting tired again. My mom said” We have to keep going” again, but I kept on going. Sooner or later, We got back. Part of the family went to the house and other part went to the car to go back to the hotel and oh boy it was sort of a long ride. Traffic everywhere on the highway. ‘Gasp!’ I said. ‘I guess we are going to be here for a while” I said in my head. Cars were beeping and one of the children was playing a game to pass the time. “Kenneth, do you want to know how many cars I have counted, He said. What? Yawning. 257! shouting. Sooner we got out of the traffic and got to the hotel. Were back “home” get it. Going to Times Square is a trip I’ll never forget.

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