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October 20, 2017
By Anonymous

Getting intimidated is the worst thing you can do in sports. When you become intimidated you'll usually get destroyed by the thing you are intimidated by, that's how it usually go. My grandpa stated that there's gonna be bigger and tougher players going against me. But he emphasized not to be intimidated by them. But then there comes a day that gets everyone hearts pumping, the day whether you choose to go out and make a statement for yourself, the day if you want to grab the coaches attention. And that day Hitting day.


As we walk out on the grassy football field the hot sun beams on my  forehead. I look around and see my teammates getting ready. They are ready for the day everyone waits for. The moment that everyone gets their football pads and strap them up for the first time in almost a year

You could feel the intensity. There was trash talking all day at school, but now it was time to back it all up. You can see the look in the coaches eyes and tell that they were excited. Now was the time to prove what we were made of. Now is the time to make starting positions. NOW it’s the time to make a reputation out on the field. Even throughout all of the intensity I was very nervous. Thoughts going through my head like “what if I get blasted or exposed ? What if I get really hurt ?”

  Coaches are going nuts, other kids going crazy, i'm going crazy to but in the inside i’m nervous as hell. The coaches settle us down so they could go through the steps of form tackling and wrapping up. Later after the long lecure the coaches went over the drill. The drill was called the bull in the ring. Even the name sounds chilling. We basically had to line up in a big circle and do high knees. The coach will throw someone the ball and whoever has the ball will call someone out. Then they will run up and collide in the middle.

So after watching half of my teammates get demolished and crushed by there foe my name was finally called out. I looked at who I was going against. And OF COURSE the big and bad running back wants to call me out. I stare into my opponent's eyes. Suddenly I felt a voice in the back of head and I remembered what my grandpa said. And as soon as I started running up I wasn’t scared anymore. I wasn’t going to be intimidated by this fool. Coach blows the whistle intensely and i feel a burst of speed in my legs as I move my legs forwards and move with a purpose. I look at my opponent the whole time until it’s time for me to lower my shoulder. Boom !

When reality starts to sink in I realized what I have done. My teammates were going nuts. I tumble off of the kid that I just demolished. My teammates come in and he started getting more hyped. I Thank my grandpa for giving me that talk before playing football. If it wasn’t for him I would have been humiliated today.

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