Strange Infection

October 11, 2017
By Anonymous

As a kid, you don't think of common sense. Separating the ideas of smart and dumb, a little kid isn't going to have that kind of instinct. All that goes through a child's brain is, what's cool? or ¨Wow that looks fun¨. There’s not much to a child's brain, they are constantly learning but most likely it's from mistakes they made in the past.

As for me, I couldn't represent that statement any better. At the start of my high school years,  I learned the hard way by making an unintelligent decision. Usually, little girls start out shy until they realize that by not being shy gets you, friends. Well in my case I just happened to skip this part of growing, I immediately started expressing myself with my outgoing personality from day one, I was a very playful little girl, I loved to do everything and anything that would keep me busy. Including trying new things. I loved to climb and run and swim. The list could go on forever. But never ever did I think I could get hurt, I mean what child would. Maybe when their parents tell them so but I wasn't like that. I wasn't always with my parents. Sometimes not even with friends. I wanted to explore and build new things all the time. My mind was easily distracted and when I had an idea, it was dramatically brilliant.  Adventally every child has to learn the hard way when it comes to certain things. In my case, it was riding a bike.

Racing down the streets aside my grandma's dog, we were having a blast watching the sunset slowly disappear into the horizon as we hiked up the hill trying to get a glance before the land and the sunset meet. I thought it was funny and brilliant, walking a dog and riding a bike. Not many have that skill. I guess you can say that I’m pretty good at multitasking. I was only around the age of 8. What could possibly go wrong?  Never would I expect anything to go wrong. I even had him tied around my princes' bike. Something I thought was so smart. I was completing two task at the same time, walking the dog and riding my favorite bike. What I didn't know was you need to except the unexpected. How was I supposed to know that a dog could react like that?

It happened so fast, it wasn’t enough time to react for an 8-year-old, also I didn't have the strength to keep him back. I was being yanked across the cement ground getting dragged over the small cracks of the road and hitting all small rocks between. I could feel the stinging pain of the soon to be bleeding cuts as the dog was trying to reach the other side of the road. I tried to stop him but he was so focused on what was on his mind was, “oh my gosh another friend!”. The second he finally stopped I instantly started to scream in pain. My skin was starting to turn purple and blue as the stinging cuts made my eyes water. My body had scratches all over, with blood starting to drip down as I ran back to grandmas. I ran as fast as I could, rushing instantly went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I rinsed my body off as quick as possible without causing too much pain running over all the fresh cuts. I knew my grandma would be mad, so I had to cover up the evidence. There was one important factor I was forgetting, always wash and then cover up cuts. I mean what kid would think anything bad could happen if I didn't wash up.

After that day I learned to never attach your dog to your bike while riding it. But little did I know, I had another lesson to learn. Around a week later my parents both worked. My mom was a third shift and my dad didn't get home until way past my bedtime. So my grandma had to watch me and my sisters. It was an average night, my hand was still in pain from the bike accident but I figured it was just sore from the cuts. Around that night, I woke up to the worse pain ever, almost as if someone was stabbing my hand. I rushed quickly to my parent's room where my grandma had been and told her. She called my mom within the same second of me telling her. The pain was unbearable, forcing me to let the tear rolling down my face. My mom came home as quickly as she could from work to take me to the hospital, but all she kept noticing was the red line going up my arm. I had no idea what that line meant but it didn't matter, on the way to the hospital, I fell asleep. It was so weird, I didn't even feel tired. I woke up in the emergency room with a bunch of strangers. I wasn't too scared until they started to say a bunch of wicked terms that I didn’t understand and poking my skin with a bunch of needles. Next thing you know, I'm asleep again. It's weird how I keep falling asleep like this. I don't even remember doing it. Not like you do anyways but this time it was different.

When I woke up my mom was once again with me. My mom was a nurse so she explained to me in the least scary way to what happened. She explained there was a bunch of bad blood flowing to my heart. If it reached my heart, I would have fallen asleep for a long time. My mom really didn't want that to happen, at least that's what she said. Every day it got scarier and scarier, I was in the hospital for months, even for my birthday. Which actually sucked cause I didn’t get to do anything but lay in a bed with all these uncomfortable tubes and IV’s in my arms and around me. I was getting homesick and just wanted to go back home. I missed being with my friends and I wanted to explore things I knew would make me feel better.

When I told my mom what happened, she started to explain the importance of using soap. I can tell you that I sure did learn. This experience was something I never wanna repeat and go through again. I hated the pain and being stuck in the hospital. Although I have been here before and it probably won’t be the last, I didn't like it there, this time or anytime. After this incident, I really realized how important it was to be more careful and stay clean because the results are just not worth it.

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