Celebrated, Pushed and Loved

October 2, 2017
By Anonymous

“Okay I’m just going to walk in”, I told myself in as much confidence a ten year old little girl could have. My whole body felt as if it was shaking like an earthquake. I could feel the shots of adrenaline running up and down my body in complete panic. I turned the corner that seemed to take a million years just to enter the room. I crossed the doorway with the biggest smile trying to cloud my nerves. There, sat a very friendly looking man on the front of the stage who seemed as though to be the leader. He turned to the peers that were sitting in front of him and made them aware of my entrance. They all faced me as though they were controlled by strings to direct their movement. Every single person's face lit up with excitement like a celebrity had just walked into the room. My heart filled with the deepest amount of love with the reaction I was given. I had just met them but they all rushed to me with the biggest hugs. This was just the way they were. They made everyone feel like they were the best thing on this earth. After this I could feel the nerves and jitters slowly draining out like the water of a bathtub. I no longer was shaking of panic. They had just made my first day of being on the worship team a positive experience. All the worst possible scenarios that beforehand had been playing in my mind the whole day, were gone. Right then and there, like the flip of a switch, I knew I was apart of this family.

From then on I knew they weren’t about themselves, but focused on what they could do for others. This reaction wasn’t just because it was my first time. Every single time I walked into the room the same reaction and same love would be released. It was like my face naturally adjusted to a smile when walking into that room. There was just such a loving atmosphere created there. We all conversed here to serve others instead of ourself. That’s exactly what I learned to do. A few minutes afterwards someone else walked into the room, almost like an instinct I was then hugging the stranger. Every time someone would walk in I began to make sure they felt how appreciated they were. After time this became a habit to celebrate, push and love others. I wasn’t just the one receiving all the hugs but I was now the one giving them. The people there were such a good influence on me. I looked up to them and followed in their footsteps as a 10 year old little girl. I ultimately changed how I saw people. I began to see the good in others, to accept people for who they were. When someone walked into the door I didn’t just see a person, I saw a child of God who deserved to be celebrated, pushed and loved because that’s what serving taught me.

Still to this day I remember my first experience on the worship team in great light. No matter what mistakes I have made they know how to love me through it. I learned that serving others ultimately helps you as much as them. When you go out of your way for people you feel so much better about yourself. Doing something for others isn’t as hard as it seems. While serving on the worship team I have learned that even a smile can do so much good. Sometimes we just need to look at life through the lens of “what can I do for you” instead of thinking of yourself all the time. So next time you see someone, make sure that you make them feel loved. Now I’m a great celebrator for people, because even in the hard times we can always find something to celebrate. I will forever remember each and everyone I served with. I believe that I will never forget the skill of celebrating, pushing and loving people. Not only this but I will find ways to use this skill in my everyday life.

The author's comments:

This piece shows a little snippet of a part of my life that has forever changed me. I hope my readers learn to celebrate, push and love others. Please, enjoy! 

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