Shut That Down When It Rains

August 16, 2017
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It's raining here. 

Don't bring your ipods or cell phones to the verandah. 

The music is already there; the rhythm is mesmerizing; the beat favours you. 

Just search your mind, your past, your dreams.

Go to the times your grandma made oatmeal for you and enchanted you to eat it by telling a new tale very other time. Go back to the time you first rode a bicycle- the instant you experienced the first gust of freedom. The winter evenings you spent alone in your cozy bedroom reading Wordsworth, enjoying a cup of hot coffee soothing you from within. 

There's a song with missing lyrics, forgotten words and phrases right there. A song that's probably a blend of every emotion, every memory, every fragrance, every voice. 


So just shut down your phone, throw it in the couch, rush outside, close your eyes very gently and sing aloud with all your heart. 

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