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May 26, 2017
By Anonymous

Paper’s full of letters that become words and those become sentences, and those show a part of me. It might seems a little mixed up or not in right order, but that is also a part of me. Not everything goes in the right order in my life, there is always a little confusion, but I like it that way. So welcome to the first chapter of me.


Very early I fell in love with skiing. I can't remember every detail of it, but this is how I have it in my mind. I was about two and half years old when I stood for the first time on skis and held poles in my hand; people must have thought that my parents were crazy. Anyways, my parents, my brother and I went to Austria to a ski resort for about seven to ten days. My dad has skied since he was a little boy, and he loves it. My mum only skied once before, so it was also kind a new for her. She came along because she loves my dad and she knows how much it means to him.

We arrived in the middle of the night while it snowed, the building was surrounded by the mountains, trees and lots of snow. The lights from the inside and outside let it glow like glowworm, just beautiful. The next morning, we slept in and had a huge breakfast. After that my dad signed my brother, my mum and me up for a skiing class. This class was every morning from nine until twelve in the morning and from two until four in the afternoon. The groups were not bigger than six which I liked because then you actually learned something, and it was so much fun! To fell the cold wind in my face and stand on the skis felt like flying, I didn't really fly because I was so slow that I am surprised that I didn't stop. But it was such an amazing feeling I still sometimes have when I ski for the first time after a long time. The only thing I didn't like was that it always was super cold and my hands were cold, as if would I have hold them for hours in ice water. But luckily there was my mum or dad who sat once in a while in my lift and warmed my hands for a little bit. That's also one thing I will never forget.
After my ski classes were over, I didn't wanted to stop skiing so my dad practiced with me and my brother for about an hour because my mum said that we can't practice longer because we were so young. It was hard to get me off the slopes; there was normally a lot of drama. But sometimes there were moments where I just didn't want anymore, so I just let myself fall and started screaming. My dad was normally always behind me, so he tried to make me ski, but most of the time he didn't have any chance so he just took me and put me between his legs, an this is how I got down the hill. This worked till I was four years old; after that, my dad thought I was old enough to finish the slope even if I didn't want to. My mum couldn't help me because she was a beginner too.
Since I started skiing, we have gone every winter to the same place for about four years. We took skiing classes every year and from year to year, we got better and better. It was a lot of fun, and it was way more fun when we actually won a medal at the skiing contest at the end of the season. But after those four years, we got tired of the weather. There were only about two or three days where we had nice weather; the other days it was very windy and it snowed. So we looked for something new and my parents choose South-Tirol in Italy. This place is amazing, we have only one bad day during the whole time we stayed there every year. The food is so so good, and every year I feel like I come back having gained ten more pounds.

Back to skiing. My parents signed me in for skiing class again, but this skiing class wasn't fun at all because we were 16 kids, and everyone spoke Italian except me. I was the only one who spoke German, so I didn't understand anything. My parents took me out of this class, and we changed the skiing school, and I got a private teacher. This might sound like I am spoiled but, it is actually not that much more expansive than a normal class. I learned a lot during these classes. Normally I took classes for three days, every morning two hours. And I still do it. I don't need it anymore, but I had so much fun every year because I had the best teacher in the world. He was very young but he was so funny and a person full of live energy; I never met anyone like him again. He inspired me a lot and he is kind of an idol for me. In his class, I didn't just learn skiing, I also learned things for my life. Over the years, I only wanted classes with him, and over the years, he got to know my family and he liked us. When I got to know that it is not possible to take classes with him anymore, it broke my heart a little bit.
So since 2007 we every year to Italy for skiing, and every year the same place. If I had to choose between a 10 day summer vacation in a resort or 10 days skiing I always would choose skiing. It's the only thing where I can say I am very self confident that I am good at it.

I think it is so important to me because my dad loves skiing and is very good at it, and his dad loved it too and he won a lot of smaller competitions, so I wanted to be like them and be part of it.

I love winter, but I also love summer. Actually I love every season of the year, every season has something special about it, like a person's character. There are good things, but there are also things that you might not like that much.

The feeling of tickling grasses and flowers on my legs remind me of summer when I was still very small and barley able to see, because everything was way taller than me. The ground felt warm and soft. The sun penetrated through every single cell of my skin and warmed me, so I could only walk in a t-shirt and short pants. But that wasn't just it. I heard life. The many animals in the meadow made themselves noticeable, and it was truly a concert. Buzzing, hum, rushing. Everything you normally don't hear was so loud for me. A light wind rushed through the meadow and refreshed me.

On my arm I felt something light; it was a butterfly with many colorful colors. Fascinated, I watched the creature of nature until it flew away. I could spend hours in the meadow and I always found something new. The adventure of the unknown had always something magical to me. My favorite thing about the unknown is that it can be good or bad. So it could be something bad like one of your worst days in your entire life or it could be something good like a birthday party. You never know. The most of the time I got pretty lucky about the unknown, because so far, something bad never really happened.

That is also one of the reasons why I wanted to come here. The unknown sounded like a fun adventure, to meet new people and to go somewhere I never been before.

Since I was little I have liked the adventure, I liked to walk through the streets and not knowing what was around the next corner. I made it a little game. And it still is.

When I go to different places I might say: "Wow, that's really pretty", or I could say, "Ohh I never saw a dirty place like that."

It's the same with people. At the beginning I might get blind by the beauty of someone and then I get to know this person better and better and realize that we don't really have anything in common. The unknown is an adventure for all ages, and every day starts a new one. The best time to experience it is when I travel in my opinion. So I experienced a place when I was nine years old, and it felt amazing.

The sweat of 120 degrees felt hot on my skin and every time a sweat drop dropped from my face on my lip I could taste something salty. The sun, bright and light as I never saw it before, made my skin tanning and burning at the same time.

The streets got smaller and smaller, and I saw fewer and fewer people. We barely saw women; once in a while; we saw little children running around the corner but that was it. And than we were there. It did not look like the 21st century, the time must have stopped. A brown burned man pushed older carts with a lot of full sacks through the streets. I was impressed that they could do that; to me it seemed super heavy.

The smell was amazing, around every corner or next little store I smelled something different and intense. Coriander, cumin, thyme, red curry, yellow curry, green curry and so many more seasonings I don't even know, paved their way through my nose. Big sacks of seasonings stood everywhere, like on an Oriental market 100 years ago. Sometimes when the wind came a little bit you could see how the seasonings flow away and spread their smell further.

The Spice Souk in Dubai, United Arabic Emirates, put me somewhere else and since that we always have to go to a food market wherever we go.

But not every day has a memory that you will keep forever; sometimes the worst days will stay in your mind longer than the best days in your life.

My alarm rang already the third time, but I still rolled myself to the other side in my bed. I didn't want to get out of the warm I had built under my many layers of old blankets. My eyes couldn't find any white glitter of light that normally shimmered through my window. The weekend is over; it's Monday, the first day of five days were not the sunlight in my face will wake me up. I looked on my watch and watched the pointer of it, how quickly and synchronically it moved. The unending rounds they made, made me jealous. I wish I would have a condition like that. After ten minutes I came back from my thoughts and realized that my bus was already ten minutes late, and that meant that I got tardy for school. Finally I sat down between screaming little children and flying paper planes. Not even the really melodious music, that was sent through my ear canal from my shiny red headphones, could drown out the shrill voices. Now I felt the brilliant white light on my skin, and the snow glittered and shimmered like a diamond at the jeweler store we had just passed.

The unpunctuality of my bus caused a talk with a person who needed the attention from people under him where he knows that they couldn't say anything about him that didn't suit him, because he was the highest person. He was the principal. Myself, I always believed that the heaven wasn't open for him because his behavior against students showed a person lost in a world alone. My thoughts were like a molecule, nondescript from the outside or at the first look, but in the inside or when you actually started reading deeper, connected and strong. The world seemed to stop a little bit more around me with every deeper thought I made. The shaking of my body, caused from a warm and soft hand on my skin, brought me back to the reality. The blood stream through my veins and felt how I blushed. My concentration flew away like a bird from the winter and my brain got empty because I used every single cell in my brain.

The really low level of highlights during my day shouldn't get any higher because as I came home in a quiet house with people in it caused an emotional shock for me. And as I saw the dark shadows around my parent's mouth's I knew that there was something going on how it was not supposed to be. In this moment the family table seemed like a football field, endlessly long and just big. Bright light fell over us and shadowed our faces to draw every single emotion on our face a little bit darker.

The chaos of the morning searching for clothes with all the colorful sweaters, t-shirts and pants build a collage of a flower sea. Under it you can see some white school paper through which made it imperfect but beautiful. I sat down in the middle of the flower sea and added more flowers to it with every paper and book I could find in my backpack. I deeply hoped for the flower power that would enter my brain and move me back to the focus and energetic working brain cells like I had this afternoon.

Before my eyes got smaller and smaller, and barely could see where I walked, I went to the comfortable lovely bed. I had no energy to think about the light switch I had to turn off. My body didn't care if I would sleep with the light on or off. Thoughts of thoughts were covered by many layers of blankets that nothing could interrupt. Not even the angry Zeus could have done anything; he got more and more angry about that and let the lightning, raindrops and wind a concert doing.

A roller coaster with many ups and downs, with a lot of curves, that are the days are staying on the earth. But during the whole ride, we always smile. That's how my life is and I love it.

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