The Day We Waited For

May 22, 2017
By Anonymous

Walking down the street thinking about what my friends are doing at that moment. Not realizing that anything could happen. Not just a leaf falling but a astrid coming down and crashing right in front of me and killing me. But, that never happened.

It was a sunny day in a town that was near my friend's house. I came over right when the sun was just coming up to wake up all the animals. To seek life for the plants. To tell us that a start of a great day for us. We had everything all planned out. It wasn't like a normal summer day that I would come over and then figure it out. No, today was different. We have been planning this moment for weeks now.

Today was a start to the summer car scene. Where all the car shows happen. Where everyone gets to hangout and just fun. And the occasional after the meets we would go downtown to have a cruise down Lake Shore Drive.
When I arrived to my friends house, he was already outside cleaning his car as the plan that we made began. As, I rolled up he was concentrating on cleaning every spec of brake dust off this perfect new summer wheels that were on the car for the first time.

Next, it was my turn to clean my car. I began to get the buckets ready because I only did the two bucket wash method, which consists of two buckets, one with soap and one with water. I began to rinse down the whole car trying to get all the loose dirt and grime off the body of the car. And got to washing with my favorite wash mitt. After I finished, we began to head out to the meet that was being held at Arlington heights.

On the way there both of us were sitting at the light waiting for it to change. As soon as the light changed the guy next to me pulled to the middle and out of no there I hear a loud bang and the honk of a horn. I look up from slamming on my brakes to see what had happen.

When I saw what had happened I was in shock.

I turned to my friend and pointed him over to the gas station across the street. When we
got to the parking spots in the gas station we got out and just stared. I looked over and said,
“Yo what should we do”
“I don't know man, maybe we should go help them” he said.

“Ok, follow me”

As we started to get close to we can already hear the sirens screaming like air raid sirens when a war is about to being. We get closer to the wreck and see someone is stuck in they car. We quickly opened the door, unbuckled their seat belt, and pulled them out.

We took the elderly man one had around me and the other around me and pulled him to the curb. When the mad sat down we already saw the lights come up to us. At that point we decided to leave it to the professionals to help the man. So we got in our cars and got going.

The whole way to Arlington Heights I would get the image of the wrecked car, smoking in the middle of the intersection. We got to the meet and we started telling everyone around us what had happened. No one believed it. Until the next day, my phone started to explode with texts and snapchats. Everyone at that point believed us because it was all over the local news. From that day on I always choose to do the right thing.

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