The Realization

February 22, 2017

I never realized how much I had until today. My parents had always told me that I had more than others, but I never believed it. This year, my family decided to go to Bangladesh to visit their relatives that they haven’t seen in many years. We boarded the crowded plane that held many passengers ranging from crying babies to older quiet people, making me loosen my tense muscles. After 23 hours of seating next to a crying baby, the plane finally skids to a stop. As soon as the plane stops I run as fast as my legs can carry me up to my grandparents, whose faces have aged from last I saw them, though they hold smiles that reach to their eyes, making a smile form on my face.  My family then loads our 13 bags into a big black SUV.  We finally arrive to my grandparents home which has a big iron gate, stone exterior, a garden that has various colors of flowers blossoming, and a river that runs on for miles.

All 7 of people of my family head towards the countryside in a car that can barely hold 5, to visit my other relatives. The countryside if filled with beautiful grass, well maintained animals, and a river that is so clear you can see your own reflection through it, seeing this beautiful sight before my very own eyes puts a smile on my round face. Eventually, we arrive at  my relatives’ home, which is a beautiful 4 storied brick house. I see my four chubby cousins waiting with eager smiles on their faces, as the car speeds into the driveway. We play hide and seek for hours and hours until a maid arrives and tells us that it’s time to eat.

We go to the dinner table which is filled with so much food, such as rice, chicken, and vegetables. We couldn’t see an inch of the table. My stomach groaned, as my face curled up. I did not want it. Once all twenty people from my family started to eat, me and the other children start to put our food into the napkin and pretend to eat because we had skittles and gummies, which is surprisingly very fulfilling. After lunch, we return to my grandparents’ home. My mom calls me to show me a red dress with white flowers spotted in random areas, which my aunt has gifted to me.

“I honestly hate it” I say as I cross my arms around my chest.

“You should be grateful” she tells me and walks towards the wooden door that leads outside.

During dinner I eat my food, except for the chicken due to my picky tendencies . After a while of eating, there is a light knock on the door which was followed by the ringing of the bell. I get up to answer it because I’m the only one who hears the bell all the adults are engrossed in their conversation about politics, which I really don’t understand. As soon as I open the door I come face to face with a lady who could be possibly in her 50s, but looks much older due to the amount of dirt and lack of proper clothing. Her clothes are worn out, and it looks like they haven’t been washed in a long time. No words come out of my mouth because I have never encountered anyone in this condition before. My grandmother comes up from behind me and tells one of the maids to get some food for this woman, but instead of the maid getting the food, I immediately run into the kitchen and return with a silver plate that holds a pile of food and a glass of water. I watch as she finishes her meal within seconds. Tears start to well in my eyes as I start to realize how ungrateful I have been. I waste food without hesitation and always need clothes that look good to me. I never realized that there are people in this world who yearn for the things that I don’t even give a second thought to.

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