Loudest People on the Course

June 3, 2013
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Loudest People on the Course

Have you ever golfed with beginners that didn’t know anything? Then experience what I experienced then hear what happened to me. It was a sunny, hot morning at my lake house and we went to go golf. I was golfing with my dad, brother and sister. My brother and my sister never golfed before. All of us weren’t really serious or good. My sister and brother didn’t really know what the rules were at all. In golfing, whenever somebody is hitting, you’re supposed to be dead silent so the player can focus. I knew they would be as loud as if they were at a football game. My brother hates getting dressed up in anyway. He was wearing gym shorts and a colored shirt. We did terrible. It was so bad. My brother kept hitting the ball like Happy Gilmore and whiffing 10 times. My sister kept making noises when my brother hit. She coughed and hiccupped. Eventually, we finished the 9th hole and we went back to the clubhouse. It was a lot of fun and hilarious playing golf with my sister, brother, and dad. Afterward, we packed up and left. We were sweaty and hot and ready to go on the lake and swim. We all had a fantastic time “golfing.” We were really serious. My family has had a lot of fun. Funny events this is one side of my family. It would have been even funnier if my whole family were there. It’s always a good time with my family.

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