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October 11, 2012
By PrincessofBooks GOLD, Cadott, Wisconsin
PrincessofBooks GOLD, Cadott, Wisconsin
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“You can do anything you want to,” the teachers always said, “Dream big, do big don’t let other squash you down.” A little girl, she listened to the words they said. “One day I’ll be great and wonderful! I’ll change the world one day,” she told herself that day, “I want to be the first woman president or a football player. I want to be the first at something; I’m going to change the world!”
As she grew she wondered and made plans to change the world. Then she listened to her teachers as they said their speech, “You can do anything you want to if you’re good enough. It’s a hard world so work hard and you’ll make it through.” The little girl she listened and planned again, “If I cannot change the world, I’ll help others instead. I’ll become a teacher, a nurse, or something in that vein. A job that’s always needed no matter what life may send.”
She studied and she listened to what her teachers said. She joined the local theatre and other local clubs. She studied hard and worked hard wishing all the same, “I want to change the world yet I know I can’t do that so I’ll make a difference in someone else’s life however small it is.”
She listened as she grew up to what the teachers said, “Do what you love and like to do, don’t worry about other things. You’ll do your job all through your life make it what you love.” The little girl she listened and thought on what they said. “Yes,” she thought, “I like to act but I’m not good enough. I think I’d might make a good teacher it kind of interests me. Acting isn’t easy, no job in theatre is; I’d like to say I could do it but I doubt I could. I might enjoy the theatre but everything that you enjoy cannot become your job.”
The little girl she listened and studied all the same. She forgot her plan to change the world just as childish dreams. Yet she continued with her acting because she enjoyed it so. But then one day a teacher, who did not teach in schools, a woman who the little girl had always known came up. This woman who the little girl had always looked up to, went over to the little girl and this is what she said, “I know that you love theatre, your passion I can see. I think you could make it your job but that is up to you. You won’t ever give up theatre it’s in everything you do.” The little girl she listened as she was prone to do. She remembered many things of long lost dreams to fly up on the stage, to make her love a job one day.
The little girl she wonders, (she’s not so little anymore.) A choice is right before her and soon someday she’ll have to choose. The pathways open up both ways looking just as good. Each has its advantage and it’s downfalls she can see. Yet still she has her troubles and her worries just the same. Does she go to teaching which just might be fun or does she go acting up upon a stage. I wonder and I listen as I’ve always done, one day I’ll have to choose my path, but today is not the one.

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