Like a Bawsssss

September 14, 2012
By Anonymous

She will never be the one they call cool kid or the awesome person. She barely feels pretty. Her short chubbish figure, walking around the halls, a black shadow, goth, emo they call her because she wears black. Her brown hair covering her eye, while fading to black near the ends with a pink extension framing her face. She wears eyeliner and make up to show off her piercing green eyes.

She can converse and laugh to the best of her abilities. To her friends she is happy, but on the inside she is torn. Her boyfriend does the best he can do to make her smile, but sometimes that isn’t enough. She hides in her room at night clutching he pillow and weeps till there are no more tears left and silently falls asleep. She hates to feel alone, yet in this small world that is what she is. Alone.

She has many dreams. She wishes to one day be able to make people feel proud of her and to be able to give her little brother a nicer place to live, since their house is very small and crowded. She wants to make people smile and laugh. She wants someone to point at her and say, “that’s my girl!” She wants to become a film director and have people enjoy her movies.

In the end she just wants to be normal. She wants to go away from her past and go on to the future. She has done the best she can do for her life right now, but she needs to go into a new chapter. College, she has already got some acceptances, but she needs to make sure she can afford and keep her goals straight. She needs to ignore what people say about her that’s bad. She needs to go on. She needs to live her life. She is Alexis Brieanna.

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