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June 1, 2012
By David Lopez BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
David Lopez BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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I remember going to my padrino’s house to go party. It was really fun over there because all of our family was there and my tios and tias have so many kids. All we did over there was eat play game and play football and tag. The food was really good, and the day was really hot and sunny.

I was really happy especially when we were playing football because I just kept scoring. Almost every time I made a touchdown I did a backflip.

Some of my cousins said thats cool and others called me showoff.
Well later on that day after playing football we started playing tag. Tag was a cool game but after awhile it got boring. So we started playing on my padrino’s semis.

My padrino’s semis were enormous even the wheels on them. But me since I could do backflips I wanted to take a backflip off the huge semi wheel.

So I tell my cousin Nick who didn’t think I could land this backflip “you think i can take a backflip off this semi wheel”.
He says “no, I don’t think you can.”
I say “I think I can”.
So I jump onto the wheel and was ready to do a backflip.

“David what are you doing!” my cousin said.

“I’m going to take a backflip off this wheel” I said.

She says back to me “no you won’t.”

I replied “you wanna see.”

I jump and all she said was “no David” but I was already up in air.
The funny thing is that I was feeling really good about this backflip because I thought I was going to land it like nothing.
But when I was in air I felt a bit mind-changed and off balanced. I landed in pain thinking I broke something and I did my wrist.

No-one had confidence in me that I could take a backflip off the semi wheel. Even though no-one had confidence in me I still had the guts to jump and do my backflip. I landed it but not perfect I have landed on my wrist
I think the only reason i didn’t land this backflip was because I got scared (mind changed) once I was up in air.

Since I have got mind changed I guess it threw me a bit off balance. When I have landed I felt so much pain in my wrist. I have found out that my wrist was broken when I took a quick look and started crying because I have seen the way it have broke. I was really shocked when I have seen my wrist.
So I ran to my dad and showed him my wrist.

He said “what happened.”

Crying I said “I took a backflip off the semi wheel.”

He calls my mom and says “lets go David broke his wrist.”

We all got on the car and rushed to the hospital as soon as possible.
As soon as we got there we ran inside the hospital quick.
I thought that I was dying because how all the movies say “don’t go into the light.”
Well I seen the light and I was afraid I wanted to run but I was in some serious pain.

Finally I’m laying down all relaxed, until they start bringing needles.
I wanted to cry louder because needles scare me. But they needed to put me to sleep so they can start doing whatever they do.
I finally fell to sleep, and when I woke up I was already at home with a cast.

then my parents ask me “why did you jump?” I said “because I thought that I would be able to land it like nothing.

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