April 27, 2012
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No sleep. Long nights. Hotel. It was 8:00am on a Sunday my girls and I checked out and left the Embassy Hotel because we all had stuff to do that day. It was freezing outside but the sun was bright, we had to defrost the windows before we got on the road. Nobody said anything riding because the tiredness in our eyes basically took over. When I made it home I got the warmest greeting from my baby kitten Sammy. I open my room door and he meowed and ran to my feet. He was purring hard and I could tell he missed me by all the kisses I got. I cleaned up his litter box, feed him, and gave him some water. As I started to make up my bed so we could lay down he played with the sheets like always to get some attention. I played with him for a while then I put him under the covers and we went to sleep.

At around 9:30 I woke up to some loud hissing, scratching, and meowing under my bed. Automatically I thought it was my mom's cats messing with Sammy because they were always fighting and he wasn’t next to me. I jumped up and down on the bed to run them both out, but it wasn’t my mom’s cats, an Alley cat ran out with Sammy in his mouth shaking him to death. The cat was huge and orange with strips. Terrified I screamed and launched my ice pack at his head, it hit the cat so hard he dropped Sammy and ran out the room. I hopped out the bed and ran over to him. Blood squirted everywhere, as he span in circles, a nail stuck in his esophagus made the blood shoot out faster, as his body shook uncontrollable, and he screamed out for help. While panicking I tried to grab him, hoping he would stop moving so much. After a while he was still forever.

“MICHAEL!” , devastated I screamed for my brother who room was right next door. As always he took forever, I tried to get my thoughts straight as I took matters into my own hands. I grabbed an old towel and put pressure over the wound he was bleeding so heavy and shaking hard but I still didn’t loosing up the pressure because I had to stop the bleeding. “MICHAEL!”, still screaming frantically my brother came and saw everything all he did was stare. I tried to tell him what happen but I was crying so hard everything came out like mumble jumble. He didn’t even bother to listen he just ran up stairs to get my mom. I grabbed my phone and called my boyfriend at the time Tim, thinking he would get up and run me to the closest veterinarian. “Tim help an alley cat just tried to kill Sammy and he is bleeding to death!” “So…. O ok”, he said unsympathetically. I cussed him out and hung up the phone he was useless then and useless now. My mom came in the room and just shook her head: she really didn’t have anything to say because she already knew what happen. Nobody in the house would help me so I just started getting frustrated and cussed them all out. I grabbed my phone again and called my cousin Arione, “O my god its and emergency come over now!” Her and her fiancé Ismeal was over my house in less than 3 minutes. Still in tears all I could do was hold Sammy close to my heart because before they even got there I knew it was over. Sammy had lost too much blood and had left me forever.

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