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April 27, 2012
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My first volley game. I was so afraid because I didn't have a clue about anything about volleyball. And coach really didn’t teach us anything! All we did at practice sit around and serve back to back to each other . That wasn’t really a practice for our first game. We dint even stretch, so imagine how that felt in a 3 hour long game .

When we first started the first game they had first serve. The girl didn’t make it over the net. So I got a little happy because when we started getting into the game they looked just like us; didn’t have a clue what to do!

So I just kept going back to the same place yelling
“SETTER OUT” That means whoever got the first ball the pass it to me then I pass it over the net. When we had is first game the whole team was stressed out do to the fact we didn't have a clue where we was going.
I WAS LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All I kept saying was take me out the game because kept yelling at each other because everybody was angry and upset. I was feeling real dumb because I felt that everybody in the crowd just staring at me like “look at her she’s has no clue where she’s going. But they was right I didn’t have a clue in my mind where to go but I didn’t feel left out because my team mates didn’t either.

The audience was yelling for the other team! So I really felt bad; wasn’t nobody cheering for us because our first game was in their gym there were only a few parents and friends there for us but not deep as the other team. The first thing I thought when we got there was we gone to lose today because the girls looked so cocky and good but people always told me don’t judge a book by its cover.
Nobody perfect at their first game but at least we won that game the score was 25-24 the next game it was 25-18 then the final game was 25 to 20 so we didn’t hear too much yelling from the Hamtramck crowd anymore so I and my team start yelling in joy.

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