April 11, 2012
By Anonymous

I feel like I am a little more mature now. I am going to tell you a story. This didn’t happen too long ago. My friends, my brother and I got off the school bus. Then we were just walking around and being stupid. We had some knifes and we were playing with them. We were four boys and two girls. This lady came by and saw what we were doing. But she just kept walking pretending she didn't see us. They dared me to chase her with a knife and so I did. The lady turned around and saw me. She ran a little bit. She got scared and took her phone out. We got scared too so I gave the “thingy” back to my friend and we all started running. We ran for so, so long. I was excited but scared at the same time. Like when people get on roller coasters. We jumped over fences and tripped on rocks. We saw the cops and we hid for a little bit. Then we slowly moved out one by one and we ran to the park. That way they wouldn’t know where we lived. Good thing that we never got caught. I’m happy I went through this because now I know it’s bad. So it won’t repeat again. I take everything as an experience. That thing, I don’t want to live again so I work with myself to be better. I just live for the fact that everything happens for a reason and weather I like it or not, things happen. You Only Live Once!!

The author's comments:
this might sound scary to some people but i just want to make sure that i know it wont happen again!!

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