Will this ever be read by You?

February 29, 2012
By Pizco54 BRONZE, Davao City, Philippines, Other
Pizco54 BRONZE, Davao City, Philippines, Other
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This was a note that I found hidden along with some other messages I wanted my Ex-Girlfriend to accidentally stumble up on so she'd read it with interest and heart not knowing that it was actually for her. I'm actually a normal type of guy, athletic way back during the days but always kept to myself and she kind of changed me. Made me see things differently in a positive kind of way. Since I always kept to myself I used to write her real long notes in order to express my feelings. I had trouble expressing my Love, kinda was new to it so she was pretty much patient with me. I guess I was the Ass in that relationship? I will never know since a lot of other factors led to the End of it.

Anyway here's one of the Notes.
I wrote this after we Broke Up.
It was never posted until now.

*5* Theres a whole side of me thats hidden deep in me..
It screams as loud as it could.. But was never heard..
Ma heart pounded deeply with the rhythm of the love that you've given me..
Ma heart screams.. Beats as hard as it could.. Tries to show the love it has for you..

You've touched my life in alota ways.. You've made me see what was right and wrong..
You showed me that I had a life to change and sins to be sorry for.. You've shown me the right path were I should have been walking on long ago..

I was lost.. But now I found maself.. You've inspired me in this life..
And in this life I hoped to spend with you till the end.. I wished.. And I dreamed..

They say Dreams.. Dreams wil never be dreams if they came true..
Maybe they were right.. It was all too good to be true.. We were like a Gold and Copper..
The Coppers dreams 2 be with you.. Would never come true.. As you said it was reality that kept us apart..

You made me feel love for the very first time..
You made me smile.. A true smile that realy came out from ma feelins for the first time..
You've given me true happiness deep inside.. Given me hope and made me believe in myself..
To try and believe in myself wasnt possible without you.. You've made me feel I could do anything..
I had faith in myself cuz of you..

Ive told you everythin.. I trusted u with ma life.. I had faith in you with ma life..
Was willin to do anything I could just to make you smile.. You were at the centre of ma heart..
You were my heart.. You were ma life.. And you became a part of my soul..

Losing you.. You denying me about saying the truth and all that I've written.. You said ma words were nothin.. You said I lied..
Then I am a lie.. Im nothin.. What I believed in was nothing.. Ma lyf is nothing..

You couldnt answer me if you loved me or have faith in me on what I did.. I clearly accept..
Am not really worth the girl I actualy dreamd off.. You made me believe I was..
But you proved me wrong aswell..

You wouldnt know whose this letter is for.. I dont know if you'll ever be able to read it..
But all am trying to get here is.. Am thankful to you for everything..
You've realy made me feel things I never felt before.. You've even made me fall inlove for the first time in my whole life..
You've made me happy and guided me.. Am thankfull for everything.. And I have never lied to you ever.. Ma words were all true just for you..

I wish.. In this life..
You'd always be safe.. Wish you'd find someone who loves you the way u want..
Cuz ma feelins can never be shown or never enough.. As its deep down inside me and its all that I got..
I've tried ma best to show it to you.. But it never realy got to you.. Thats how much of a loser I am..

I wish I was able to say these words to you..
I Love You..
And capture you're heart that you'd love me the way I do to you and understand me for who I am inside..

I wish you all the best in your life..
Take care and may you live this life with happiness..

-Anonymous- *4*

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my Ex-Girlfriend way back and recently found it along with some files in a CD I've kept hidden. She was my First Love as she made me feel something different from the others that I've dated before her. This was written after we broke up, in hopes that she would accidentally stumble on it and read it with interest and heart. I planned to post this somewhere public and make it anonymous as we broke up in a rather bad way. I guess that's about it, the whole thing itself portrays a message. I didn't edit it as for the purpose of originality, she knew the ways on how I typed a message. :)

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mrl96 said...
on Apr. 22 2012 at 12:08 pm
i think she deserves to read this, maybe a way of saying thank you for the changes she has done to you without really changing you :D

on Apr. 16 2012 at 3:04 pm
I think this is beautiful...


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