The Black and White Suprise

February 27, 2012
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Looking at the color of black and white, there was a horrible, strong smell traveling in the wind; a skunk ran into the bushes. Nearby, the sight of a poodle with a bad hair day was the funniest sight of the day.

It was a Thursday afternoon, school was finally over, after a long day of boring history, a spelling test in English, gross biology, a mile in P.E., a math test, and a few annoying school friends, that day was still not over yet. The girl just wanted to go home and watch T.V. When she got home, she opened the door to her house, and out came her little white dog ready to play. The girl took her dog to the backyard to play catch, with her pink chew toy, but it didn’t go as expected.
Suddenly her dog started to growl, showing her teeth. She turned around finding a wet, little skunk, shaking, but ready to spray. Scared she was going to smell like a dead animal, that’s ready to take a bath in tomato juice, she ran inside calling for her dad.
Instead her annoying, curious, little sister came out yelling “Where! Where?”
The girl yelled, “Get dad!” Her little sister ran back in calling “Daddy! Daddy!” Finally their dad came out. He looked at the skunk, and guessed it might be injured, but he was sure it was just a baby, then there was another question that came up.

“How did the skunk get up so high into the garden if it was injured?” The girl wondered if it was already up there then got hurt, or an animal hurt it, or it fell down from the tree. Or? Or? Or? She had so many ideas she became so confused!!! Then the idea occurred to her that maybe the skunk fell from above. There was such a tall wall that separated the backyard from the hills. She rushed in to tell her dad. That night they used a shovel to but the skunk in a small box with a cozy blanket and a strawberry to eat until the next morning.
Friday morning the two girls checked and found out that that skunk didn’t like eating strawberries. Before school started the girls put the box next to the next-door neighbor’s house in the bushes. After school the two girls got back home, and checked the empty blue cardboard box except for the blanket and the strawberry.

Later that night the girl took her dog for a walk, but something smelled near the next-door neighbor’s house. The girl asked them what happened, and they said their really big, white poodle; that just went to the groomers to take a bath, get a hair cut, and get her hair done including two perfect little bows on her ears, got sprayed by this little skunk. The girl looked at the big white ball of mess, soaked in tomato juice, with a pink bow hanging off to the side. The girl had many thoughts in her mind, but was ready to burst out laughing. With a red face, she ran back home telling her parents.

That night the girl learned an important lesson, which is not never leave a skunk in front of your next-door neighbor’s house. It’s let nature be nature it’s the circle of life.

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