November 22, 2011
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Sometimes I'll look out the window and I'll feel like I'm flying away. One second I'll be in my seat and the next I'm lying on a trampoline.
My head is resting upon his angled arm. My face is buried into his chest. He smells of nature and fresh mowed grass. I am on my side, curled against him. It's freezing outside but I can't feel any of it. There is a blanket draped over us and his hand rests on my neck.
Its innocent is it not? There is no harm in lying next to the one you love fully clothed and on a trampoline.
My eyelids droop but I refuse to sleep. I don't want this moment to end. But like the rest of my happiness it does.
Too soon I am back in the class room and staring longingly out the window again. It's freezing in the classroom. The warmth from him and the blanket are gone. The desk is cold wherever it touches me.
The memories are all I have left now. The memories and the empty space in my heart. I am broken.

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