Promise Days

November 11, 2011
By neko07 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
neko07 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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It used to be just four of us Mom Dad Sage and me, Sage would go to school and Dad would go to work which left me and my Mom. I used to want to stay little forever and spend every single day with my Mom. I thought “mom belonged to me” but that didnt last so i took what i could! I loved my mom so much! When i was little i would spend the days with my mom. we would hang out at home and take long walks or do crafts. sometimes my dad was home to but most of the time it was just mom and me. i loved spending time with my mom. every day was my day, my day to be with my mom and i decided to promise my self something....

We were walking to the stairs that led to the parking lot, we had just passed the playground and swings. The sky was blue and the sun was out. It seemed as if it would be hot out if you had been looking out the window of your bedroom. But it wasn’t. The wind was cold. As the wind blew I could hear the swings slowly creak as the wind would quickly pass through them. It was fall and the leaves on the trees were colors of all kinds red, orange, purple, gold and pink.

The leaves would dance perfectly through the sky above as you would look up being filled with something words couldnt explain. something like the way you feel when you take a sip of hot chocolate after you played in the cold snow for hours. The chilled wind hit my face turning it a bright red. I was too little to care about being cold. My dress was pink with white squares and silhouettes of three flowers going across the top of the dress. My mom had brown shoes on with a small heel (that’s all I remember of what she was wearing). I was holding her hand well actually I was holding her pinky and ring finger. My hands were small and couldn’t grasp her whole hand.

“Mom?” I said looking up at her as we mounted the stairs.
“Yes Nen?” she said looking up at the trees above. (Mom had always loved the way the orange, red, and gold leaves looked all together)
“I promise to love you forever,” I said with a smile on my face.
Mom laughed her familiar laugh and said, ”Aww sweetie I promise to LOVE you forever!”
“Pinky promise?” I asked taking my hand out of hers to hold up my small pinky. at that moment i felt scared maybe even sad...what if she doesnt say yes?!
“Pinky promise!” she said holding out her pinky my heart jumped, thank god i thought she said yes! I locked mine in hers although her pinky was two times the size of mine. i smiled up at her but, the sun was in my eyes all i could see was small slits in the suns rays. through these small slits i saw a familiar smile a smile i had seen many times before. a warm and welcoming smile. A smile and a day i will never forget.

Im 13 now and sometimes i fight with my mom and, i yell and shout. But sometimes all i really wanna say is that i will never forget...i love you. sighhhhh... To bad Im to selfish to tell her that so i keep on fighting and yelling. i get grounded. I get consequences but I won’t forget that she is important to me! When im shouting at her sometimes i want to go back to the old days the days when we would walk and talk to each all the time. well she might of forgotten the promise we made or she might remember it differently, but ill remember it till the day...I don’t.

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