Inner Thoughts

August 17, 2011
By , bowie, MD
I didn’t know how to start this conversation. I didn’t even want this awkward conversation. How am I supposed to tell you about the past year of my life when I know you don’t give a single rat’s ass about it? You’re the one who left. You’re the one who left me for her and now you’re sneaking behind her back just to spark up a conversation with me. Well guess what? Ain’t gonna happen, buddy boy.
“Hey! Been a long time hasn’t it? You look great.”
S***. Great. Now what? Just please stop talking to me.
“Back at ya! I haven’t seen you in, how long, maybe a year?” Your entire fault.
“Yeah I know. Sorry about that. Been pretty busy with Angel and work and stuff.”
That’s super awesome to know. Thank you so much for informing me about your life that I don’t care about.
“How about you? What kind of stuff have you been up to?”
Like you really care? “Uhh, I’ve been busy too. A lot of school work over this summer and just hanging out when I have time. Pretty boring summer all in all though.” Forced smile.
“Oh I see. Yeah that sucks, but it’s cool seeing you again. I gotta get back to the field. I promised Angel I’d help her with her PK’s.”
Thank God. “Alright, I’ll definitely see you around.” Hopefully not.
“Kay. Bye doll.”
DOLL?! Excuse me?! The nerve! Ew. I need a shower to rinse him off of me. Great, now she’s giving me the evil eye? Don’t worry, precious Angel, no one’s trying to steal away your man slave. You can retract your fangs and claws now.
“Hey Angel! Nice kicks, girl!” B****.
“Thanks Allie! Trent’s been working me hard to get them right!”
Seriously, don’t care.
“Ha ha. I see that! Good luck you two!”
Well that sucked.

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