The Drop

May 25, 2011
Around 10% of the NFL games played since 1970 ended on a final play that decided the final result. Some people tend to break under pressure. In my opinion, I think cracking under pressure is a myth. Skill has a lot to do with it.

I remember, every single day when I wake up, as if the football game was just yesterday. My team and I were traveling to Hanford. It was our last freshman game. Everyone on the bus was saying that we were going to win. They were only 4-4. We were 7-1. So of course, we should be able to win.

During warm-up, I felt really good and ready to go. I was completing every pass easily. I had a great feeling something spectacular was going to happen. During my first pass attempt of the game, I rolled out and I fumbled without even getting touched. It was an embarrassing moment. The ball was a little slippery but I was just a little nervous. I felt like s***.

I went to the sideline. I was so angry. Then I felt somebody grab my shoulder. It was my dad. He came down from Seattle for his birthday to watch me play.

The last time he saw me play, I threw 3 interceptions and 0 touchdowns. I played so horrible because my team went down quick and I was in a rush so that led to mistakes. I also broke my left wrist and thumb. So this time, I was determined to do much better and put in work.

The next drive, I shook the fumble out of my head and I threw a 70 yard touchdown bomb to Elijah. I was so excited.

The next dive, I threw another 70 yard touchdown to Elijah! “ Hanford’s defensive backs suck ass!” is what I said. Those were my 1st half highlights.

The 2nd half was no different. I threw another 70 yard touchdown but now to Jacob.

The last drive was the crazy one, nobody will ever forget...

There was a minute left and we had about 80 yards to score a touchdown. The score was 27-30. We were losing.

I dropped back and I launched the ball and Jacob caught it for like 72 yards. For 3 plays in a row, we stalled. So on the next play, it was 4th down & no seconds on the clock. We had a couple yards to go. The play was Ace Green 5 Coug.

I took the snap. I rolled out and I threw the it to him... It was for the win. Everything was so quiet when I let go the football... Jose Pacheco dropped the football. And we lost the game.

It was a heart breaking game. A jaw dropping game.

But what Pacheco thought was scary. “Eddie threw me a perfect pass. I can’t believe I dropped it. It was an easy one. It was to win the game. I feel like if I let everyone on the team down. I feel like just dying. Everyone would probably be happy but since I cost them the football game nobody will miss me.”

He was wrong. I felt bad when he did what he did to himself. He hurt himself physically. I love him. He is really cool. He’s my best friend.

I’ve become a better quarterback since that day. I’m trusting myself more than the receivers & not just throwing it up there. I’m being more accurate, I’m thinking if I could get it there instead of thinking if the receiver will catch it.

Since that day, I’ve noticed that it was just a freshman game. I know everyone was really mad and upset, but it should’ve never resulted to what Pacheco ended up doing a couple days later. I feel stupid and messed up for not talking to Pacheco.

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