June 2, 2011
By Jaron Ehlers BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Jaron Ehlers BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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When I was born I had a really bad heart problem. I really bad heart problem. I needed surgery as soon as the doctors found out about my problem. The doctors made a cut in my chest. They also had to cut open my bones covering my heart. They had to do a coarctation of the aorta (they put a pouch on my heart to help it). They accidentally paralyzed one of my vocal cords. They also made a put a hole in . My grandfather also gave me some blood. I also needed another surgery. I have a big scar from my second surgery. My first surgery was from my side. I also have scars form feeding tubes. You can still see my scars today although it is a lot harder then when I was in elementary school.

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