My Best Friend

May 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Throughout my senior year there have been a couple people who have influenced my life, but the one that made a difference is my younger sister Stephanie. We are 21 months apart, yet we act like we’re the same age. She is my partner in crime, my other half and most importantly my best friend.

When we have conversations, it is as if we are speaking our own language. We laugh at the same jokes, and we make every situation in life one to remember. Whether it is making funny videos or sneaking around going on missions, we always have fun. To say the least we were closer than close could be, yet we weren’t always this close. For instance, our house used to be like a war zone, constantly bickering about unnecessary things. On the other hand, sisters get into arguments and eventually become closer and I am glad that we are as close as we are today. Having to leave my little sister that I have grown so close to will be hard for me to do because she is a large part of my life. The distance will be tough on both of us but I know we will remain best friends.

In the beginning, we were often confused as twins. Looking back on it, that event brought us closer in that we were always the center of attention together. People were always wondering how many minutes apart we were and who was older. This didn’t bother me however, until we reached the age where she fit into my clothes and thought she could borrow them whenever she wanted. My senior year of high school we were back on the twins market and would often catch classmates’ attention. We would get confused as the same person and in many cases be called the wrong name. In some cases, people would think that I was older because she is taller than I am. But no matter how tall or short we are we are there for each other the same amount. Whether its making me laugh so I stop crying or making me laugh so hard that I cry she is there for me as a best friend and a sister like no one else would be.

Having my best friend as my sister is the best thing that could have happened to me. She is always at home, whether I want her to be or not, and I know I always have someone to go to who wont leave me for someone else. Throughout my senior year I have gained some friends and lost some friends but she has been there for me through thick and thin. Above all, she is the one person who has made a difference in my life and impacted my decisions for the better. She is more than a sister, a great influence to say the least and most of my entire best friend. Having to leave her at home when I go to college will be an obstacle in life, but they wouldn’t be called obstacles unless there as a way to get over them. Distance is the ultimate test of strength in a relationship, and I think we will pass with flying colors. I love her with all of my heart, and I would like to thank her for always being there for me when it seemed that no one else was.

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