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May 15, 2011
By MAK@2013 BRONZE, Manchester, New York
MAK@2013 BRONZE, Manchester, New York
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"Inspiring yourself is not what you are, but what you are to other."

The most important lesson that I had learn was that safe driver aren't always safe. Every day, I had been thinking about what could have happen, or what worse haven't happen? On Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 10:30AM my dad had got into a serious car accident. My mom and I didn't know that till around 12:30, receiving an unexpected phone call. The morning had went as normal, until I left to walk Sadie with my sister, this weird feeling that something bad will happen today hit me. I didn't tell anyone, and I tried to hide the feeling that no one would notice. When my sister and I almost got home, my dad was driving by, and waved bye. Right then, that when I started to panic because the weird feeling I got again. Last night, I got this weird dream that either my mom or dad got into the car accident. I woke up after it, but I didn't know who would get hurt seriously.

I walk into the den room, and brushes Sadie. Then when I was done with her, I walk into the computer room, and my mom was sitting at the desk playing game online. I didn't tell her about my feeling. I went upstairs to my room, grab my laptop, a note book, pencil, and the Bible. I went to the Bible Study website, and took notes for about two or three hours. Then the phone rings. Usually, no one call us around noon, so I listen. “Hello?” my mom said. I heard some mumbles, and this is what I got out of “Are you Rose King?” My mom said “Yes, what the matter?” Couple moment later, “Oh No, is he ok? Where is he?” That started me off thinking that something had happened to either my dad or Papa. So I went downstairs, and mom hang up the phone. I looked at her, and she was sobbing. Then she looked at me, and told me that my dad got into a car accident. I was very shock, couldn't move, and that was the turning point of my life.

My mom, my sister, Marlene, and I was riding in the car on the Thurway on the way to the Strong Mermoil Hospital. “Is dad OK?” “Does he have internal injuries?”, Any broken bones?” “Is my dad going to be paralyzed?” kept coming my mind. About an hour later, we're still on the Thurway, looking for the exit to the hospital, and the nurse called my mom's phone. The nurse said to exit at the Rochester International Airport, but we already past it half an hour ago. So my mom turned around, exit at the right area, and she was supposed to turn right but instead she turned left. She made a U-turn, and we arrived at the hospital. We walked in, and everything was overflowing in my mind. We went to the guard station, and the guard said that only two people can goes in, and told mom that dad isn't in Trauma anymore. So, my mom went to see dad, while my sister, Marlene, and I wait at the waiting room. About two hours later, I was starving, and I realized that it was two, and I have eaten anything since eight in the morning. Mom's friend called mom to see what happened, and about another half an hour, mom came out, and took my sister and I. I was getting nervous, and I was building my tears, but I was holding it back. We walked into a room, and all I saw was the white blanket covering my dad. I fought my tears, and I walk closer. My dad was wearing a neck brace, just had the stitches done on his head, and blood was dripping down from the open wound. All I could think of was, “is my dad going to be normal again?” “How bad is he injured?” Then I started crying, and mom told me not to. I tried to stop, and walk over to the stretcher, and talk to him. He look at me, and said that he is sorry, and said “I love you no matter what happen to the family.” I started crying again, told him that I love him, gave him a kiss, and walk over to the chair. When my sister was done, we all walked back to the waiting room, and Marlene came with mom, while my sister and I wait. About an hour later, they came back, and it was three in the afternoon, and I was so hungry, and worried about my dad. We went to the Cafeteria, and grab something to eat. I took the first bite of my sandwich, and I wasn't hungry anymore. I want to get back with my dad and cuddle up with him, and never leave his side ever again. When everyone got done eating, we walked back to the waiting room, and mom went to see dad again. We waited for another hour or so, and mom came out smiling. “Good news” she said. “Dad don't have any internal injuries, but there is a bad news. He have five broken bones in his pelvis and his hips. I'm afraid that he might not walk right again but he isn't paralyzed.” First thing came up my mind “Am I going have to take care of him for rest of my life?” Then mom said that there is another bad news. “Dad isn't coming home tonight, and he may not for the rest of the week.” “Oh no! How I can get through the week without him?”This is the most awful day I ever have since I moved here in the summer of 2008. I looked at the clock, and it said Five o'clock. Wow, we had been here since 11 in the morning. We were half-way home when one of mom's friend called asking to see if dad OK. She asked her how she knew, and she said that she found out through the news on 13 Wham news. “Oh great, my dad is on the news. Just watch, he will be on the newspapers tomorrow.” Around six, we got home, and we're exusated from the day, and we sobbed for 10 minutes. “But you know one thing, your dad is still alive.” Mom said. “Yea, I agreed, God was watching over him.” I said. Dad called, and he said that he want his bathrobes, his slippers, and his phone. Mom told him that she isn't driving all the way back to the hospital till tomorrow. Dad talked to us, and he fell asleep soon as he hung up the phone. I asked my mom what happened to dad, and she told me. “The tractor trailer didn't stop to yield right-of-way to him, and dad steered to the right to stop, but it was too late, and he was dragged by the rear-ended of the trailer and ended up in the wood.” “Oh my gosh, is he so lucky!” I went to bed, thinking about what had happened today. I cried to sleep, and I woke up at seven in the morning, and by the time I got down the stairs, the phone rings, and I answer. Dad sounded happy, and want to talk to mom. Good news, he can come home with no injuries what tho ever.

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