My friends

May 4, 2011
By Araceli Lagunas BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Araceli Lagunas BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I have three best friends and I love them to death. Cynthia is my Wifey,

Aileen is my Homegurl and Blandina is like my sister. We’ve been through a lot

of good and bad stuff but their something that will never change we’ll always be

there for one another.

Cynthia is a crazy girl. She has been my friend almost 2 years. Me and

her do everything together we like to hang out on fridays and we love going to the

movies with all of our friends. We like drama and we have alot of things in

common. At lunch we are always laughing for no reason we make fun of other

people in a good way lol. I call cynthia my wifey because we are always together

and I tell her everything, she knows all the things I’ve been through and I know

she will never let me down. When I have my grades down she acts almost like my

mom and that makes me feel that she really cares about me and that she will

always be there for me.

Aileen and I like to get in so much trouble. Me and her never fight because
we always agree on everything. Thise girl is the best she is a good friend she never

lets you down she’s always there when you need her. Aileen is very loud we love to

cream for no reason and we’re always making jokes of each other. Aileen has a

good sense of humor.We like being weird and we like talking to everyone in the

school except for people that are to face, they tell you one thing and then the next

day they say another thing. My homegirl will always be my homegirl no matter

what I will always be there for her.

I know Blandina sense her first day at school. She dosent speak english, she

has been through alot of things. Blandina and I like to have fun we go to the

factories and we go to each others house and we like making friends. I dont like

people messing with her or my other friends because my friends mean alot to me

and they are very important in my life. Me and blandina tell each other things

that other people might not know about us. We are really close friends and I hope

we will always be friends. I care alot for blandina she is like my little sister.

I’ve learned that true friends will always be there for you when you need

them and even if you dont.

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