A Day at The Beach

May 6, 2011
Three years old and I’m on a trip to the emergency room because I needed thirteen stitches, thanks to one of my Nana's lovely glass cups I sliced my right hand open. As soon as that healed yet another part of me needed stitches, three in fact and it was right on my chiny chin chin. It seemed like a routine for me to be in the hospital every couple of years, six years old I get my tonsils removed because I had an infection, then in fifth grade I get a second infection and they need to cut my chin open and I end up with another stitch on my chin. Oh and not to mention the time I wasn't the one in the hospital but visiting my cousin, who had just gotten in a car accident , and of course with my luck I passed out when I saw him and ended up on a gurney right next to him.
Talk about family love, right? Family in my life has been very important. Throughout all my "near death" experiences, my family has always been there for me. My mother always said, you can choose your friends but you cannot choose your family. Friends may come and go through out your life, but my family will always be there. Take for instance, my relationship with my brothers. I am the middle child and the only girl too. The oldest brother is five years older than me. We didn’t always have the relationship we have now. But we have both grown older and have learned to see things in a more mature manner, rather than throwing cell phones at each other! We now keep our cell phones in our pockets where my mom says they should be, and we get along very well. I am two years older than my youngest brother and my mom says when he was born, I took over. I did not want a teddy bear or a Barbie to play with, I had a real live to toy. I guarded that kid like it was my own baby. One time I was at a party and I was six years old, wearing a cute little dress like a nice little girl should wear. Well this kids who was at least nine years old, decided to take my little brothers bag of candy from him. Definitely a very bad choice from his part, we had to leave the party very early because I punched the little boy in the face and pushed him to the ground and yelled at him for taking my little brothers candy, but my little brother got his bag of candy back. There are also people in my life that are not blood related, but that I feel like they are, because of the closeness we have. That would be my best friend Mariah. We have known each other since first grade and we have been there for each other throughout these years. For example one time I convinced her to eat a bacon and cheese flavored cricket with me one day at lunch. Of course I didn’t think she would do it but we both seemed to get enjoyment out of the disgustingness of eating that cricket. Another time we thought it would be funny to walk to my friends’ house one night and do the whole "Romeo and Juliet" thing and throw pebbles at her window. So we’re walking and it’s like 11:30 at night and we just talk about life and things we want to do over the weekend. I tell her how I’m terrified of zombies then I start to freak myself out because I was thinking
“Dude what would happen if a zombie invasion happened right now like where would we go? What would you do Mariah?”
She then tells me “dude relax you’re freaking me and yourself out!” then all of a sudden this cat jumps out of a bush and Mariah freaks out and jumps up and starts screaming “Julia Julia! Oh my god this cat is possessed!! Help me Julia!”
“Mariah calm down it’s just a cat”
“No dude this thing was like chasing mw and it was going to attack me!” So I start calling the cat over to pet it and she starts screaming at me to get it away from her. I was laughing the whole way to my friends’ house and mimicking Mariah and how she reacted to the cat.
Finally we get there and I tell Mariah “okay dude we need to be quiet so that way we can make this work right oh and make sure you grab little rocks like these ones (I pick up this tiny little pebble)”
”okay Julia calm down I know how to do this” we’re standing in her drive way throwing little rocks and laughing every time we hear a little “tick”. Then Mariah was like “dude she can’t hear this why don’t we get some bigger rocks like not that big but you know what I mean?”,
Well that didn’t go as planned and Mariah threw this big rock and accidently broke her dads window.. I turn to her so fast I nearly made my head go a full 360.
“Mariah! I said little rocks not a brick!!"
“Dude, Julia that wasn’t me that was you!”
“Mariah look at the rocks I have in my hand and look at the ones you have in your hand whose rocks do you think will break a freaking window?!”
” What do we do? Should we like run to my house or what?”
“Well we can’t just leave dude that’s rude we have to tell her what happened, maybe she won’t be that mad...”
“Alright but I’m telling her your ass broke the window! Ha-ha”
“Not even you did it!”
“Yeah but it was your idea to be all romantic and s***!”
“Okay okay we will tell her we don’t know which one of us did it but that we will fix it”.
Luckily her dad was out of town (well more like country) and we fixed the window before he had gotten back, so I guess it wasn’t that bad. But I was freaking out that night because I thought we had broke the whole window and it ended up being just one layer of the double layered window. The stories and things we have done together could go on forever. We have always been close and plan to stay best friends forever as unrealistic as that sounds we will make it happen because "that’s how we do". Mariah and I are true best friends and I love how close we have gotten over the years she has pushed me to making better decisions for my life and vice versa. But one thing we always had in common was the love and dream to pursue a career in some type of Fine Arts lifestyle. We figured if you want a lifestyle in Fine Arts then classes like dance, band, art, orchestra, choir, theater tech, Drama and of course the fine arts English and World history classes are fundamentals to spark your interest in something you might want to pursue as a career. We both seem to have callings in fine arts because well that’s what we love to do, going to drama or drum line everyday in school is what gets us up in the morning. You make a family in that class because you don’t just see them at school but you spend time with them outside of school with things like Band camp and Thespian camp (Note I said Thespian not Lesbian, Ha my mom and I had a little mix up one time when she asked where Mariah has been and I said
“Mom, Mariah’s at Thespian camp”
She practically spit out her drink and said “Do her parents know?!”).
With all that it brings me to the number one person in my family who I feel I have the greatest relationship with and that would be my mom. Oh what is there NOT to say about my mom! She’s my hero, my idol, my reason for being on this world today! (Literally!). I call her Wonder Woman because well first both are named Diana and second she’s such a wonderful mom and I’m so glad she’s mine! She’s funny and crazy and makes me and my brothers laugh all day every day, even if she’s yelling at us to do something around the house she does it in such a respectful and nice tone. She is my best friend and I wouldn’t be who I am without her. She has always been there for me and my brothers and she continues to help me with anything and everything. I love her to death and like Mariah always says “I’ll take a bullet for my mom and brother and dog!” I really would no matter how many times my brothers and I have gotten in trouble she never gave up on us. Unlike my piece of you know what “father”. My mom is the strongest and the smartest person I know. I really look up to her because she is someone worth looking up to, she handles herself in a way that I could never do after all the stuff she has been threw and I greatly respect her for it. My mom has always the closes person to me and that has and will never change. Our relationship as mother and daughter is unlike anyone I know because for one I can talk to her about all my homosexual friends and she helps me out like if it’s nothing. I know it doesn’t bother her or anything because some of her closest friends are homosexual. I use homosexual because gay means happy and as gay as everyone in the world is I feel it has absolutely nothing to do with your sexuality. She’s my best friend as well as my mom and I’m 100% positive I have written about her in all of my writing work I have ever done in my life. That is because she mean so much to me that I feel I can never fit enough of how much she means to me in any of the writing I do. She inspires me to do better than the best.

I'm inspired and I push myself to change the world because my Mother and best friend Mariah. they both have pushed me and believed I could do better than my best and I have because of them and I will continue to for the rest of my life to push myself because I know that I can always do better. My goal is to make an impact in peoples life and not just by the fact that they know me but because I made then see life or anything in a different way for the better. Little by little I'm changing myself in order to show people it's easy to change their ways of thinking or living for good, because I do it too. I start clubs (The Gay/Straight Alliance) because I feel everyone in the world should be seen as an equal person. I support kids in countries who have no shoes by buying Toms, yeah they tear easily but it doesn’t bother me I just go and buy a new pair. No biggie, I love the feeling of knowing that I’m giving some child in a different country the enjoyment of having shoes for the first time. I’m also pro earth and I feel that we should find new ways of going green because clearly global warming hasn’t slowed down so we aren’t doing something right. I am also one of the many people that other people can come to for advice and I go beyond out of my way to help them even if I don’t know them, I get enjoyment when I see people happy and I know it’s because I did something to help them. It’s my life long journey to help people all around the world and also the animals because I want to be a veterinarian as well. I plan to travel the world and go to different countries and cities across the world and do whatever I can to help people in need. I plan to take my mom everywhere I go because she has the same dream as me and so does my best friend Mariah. I know I can make a difference in the world not because I’m famous and people cry when I die but because I create connections and build families with people all over the world. I’m going to be known for whom I was and what I’ve done for peoples, how I changed lives and views of the world and its amazing creatures. I feel that if everyone in the world had the same dream as me there wouldn’t be things like worlds hunger and people dying of poor health because they can’t afford to go to the doctors and get medicine or whatever problems that people cause by not caring about other individuals. It’s like if you were in a situation where you had no food, would you want people to help or just look down at you and then go eat at some fast food restaurant not thinking about what the just saw about ten minutes ago. It’s things like that that make me stop and think why so many people do that. Treat others the way you want to be treated, Live life to the fullest, Don’t ever regret something because in the long run it only makes you stronger. Do things that make not just you happy but others as well because there is nothing in the world that feels so great than to know you have made an impact in the world, rather than getting a high score in some game. If you read this and end up loving life as much as I do than write about it because I think we need more novels and books about inspiration in the world so people can get up and do things in life or help save the world one baby step at a time.

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