A Scary Day at the Track

January 20, 2011
By loganwolf BRONZE, Elmwood, Wisconsin
loganwolf BRONZE, Elmwood, Wisconsin
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Remember when you were a kid and you always thought you were invincible? That was not true in my case. I was 8 years old riding my dirt bike on our track we built. I was riding with friends on a perfect day that turned scary instantly. This event really changed the way I ride dirt bike now.

I woke up, looked outside, and realized it was a great day to ride dirt bike so I rolled out of bed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. There was remarkably perfect French toast made on the stove. I inhaled those two pieces of toast and then it was off to the dirt bike shed.

When I got in the dirt bike shed, I noticed that my PW 80 wasn’t as clean as I wanted it to be so I got my cleaning tools out and started to wash my bike. I made sure that I got it as clean as possible because I really wanted to impress my friends with how good it looked. Usually washing my bike only takes about ten minutes but I was so picky on how I wanted it to look, it took half an hour to clean the whole bike. After I got it all nice and shiny I put it back on the stand and walked out to the four-wheeler.

I started my four-wheeler and drove out to my dirt bike track. I noticed the track looked a little rough so I decided drag the track so it would be smoother. I hooked it up and made sure I smoothened out every inch of the track. When I got done I unhooked the drag and drove back up to the house.

I got into the house and became aware that it was already eleven thirty! My friends were going to be here at noon so I hurried up to my room and started putting my dirt bike clothes on. I was so excited putting them on because they were brand new and this was the first time I got to wear them. Once I got them on, I heard a car door slam so I ran downstairs and checked who it was. It was my friends with their dirt bikes.

My friends and I started our bikes and rode out to the track. After riding for about an hour I started to get the feel of the track and I thought to myself that I could go faster. So I started to ride faster and right when I rode off the first jump I recognized that I was going way to fast and I flew over my handle bars, my helmet sprung off, and I hit the ground tremendously hard!

All I remember is opening my eyes, hearing my friends ask if I was alright or if I broke any bones. I struggled to get up but astonishingly nothing seemed to hurt at all! I was so thankful that nothing was broke on my body or my dirt bike. Everything seemed to happen so fast that I can barely remember anything after the crash except that we all went back to the house and told my parents. They were incredibly thankful that I was ok and told me to never go that fast again.

In conclusion, riding fast to impress your friends isn’t always the smartest thing to do. Also I learned that you should ride only to your skill level, not your friends’ skill level. Lastly, even though I crashed I really learned how to enjoy riding with your friends even if you aren’t riding as fast as them.

The author's comments:
It was a real life story.

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