Are We Ever Going To Make It?

December 15, 2010
By Anonymous

“How much more time until we land?” I asked my dad. Today is the start of February, break and my family and I are on our way to Park City, Utah!
I scramble in my stiff, blue airplane chair trying to get comfortable. I pull down the tray in front of me and then flip it up. Two rows ahead me little children are screaming for cheerios! The heavy women in front of me leaned her chair back and now she is practically sitting in my lap. I am getting so frustrated I just gave the bottom a little kick. To the right of me is a small square window. As I peer outside I could see white beds of cotton nestled atop the skies. Are we ever going to get there?

Three hours have passed since we took off in New York. Today was a gorgeous day sunny and bright blue skies! Looking out the window is becoming very boring because the view has been the same for hours! Big, fluffy clouds were all I have been staring at this whole plane ride. I am tired though, I think I will try to catch some sleep. Slowly I finally dazed off. A split second later, the intercom comes on. Pilot Steve seemed to have an important message.
This is what I heard, “Hi everyone this is pilot Steve speaking I need all your attention because we are low on gasoline and we are making an emergency landing.”
Right as I heard emergency my stomach went into knots and panicking thoughts ran through my head. I did not know what was going on. Are we going to crash? Is this my last moment in life? Am I still in my dream? My sister and I turned to each other looking at one another with frightened faces. My mom has always said to me, “I am always going to hit some rocky edges down the road…life isn’t perfect.” I guess she was right! The flight attendants started pacing up and down the aisle informing everyone it will be ok.
The plane started to make a sharp turn around. The wings were pointing up and down. I leaned to the right and my little fists had a tense grip to the armrests. Rapidly I gathered my all the electronics and threw them in my travel bag. I pressed the little silver button on the side of my seat to lean it up. I was ready for landing. We had about five minutes until we would start to descend. Everyone was frantically shutting down there laptops and preparing to land. The minutes went by quickly and soon we were descending rapidly. All this time I was having flashbacks of what happened last month with Captain Sully. Are we going to be the next news report?
As I peered out the window, I saw pointy mountains with fluffy glistening snow reflected from the sun. I also noticed about seven children ice-skating at a neighborhood pond. “Thud, zoom” our wheels just hit the ground and now we are shooting down the runway. Welcome to Breckenridge Colorado a sign says above. It takes about 15 minutes until we finally park in our spot. A massive weight was just lifted off my heart knowing we are safe! After 40 minutes of pumping gas into the plane and getting through all the traffic we are soon back on the runway. I hear the engine rumble and 5, 4,3,2,1 we accelerate down the runway then gradually the plane ascended up to the deep blue sky.

It is hard to tell how much more time you will be on the plane because you never know what the next few minutes will bring. To this day, I still have a small fear of planes. Every time the pilot comes on the intercom, my heart beats fast hoping to not hear the word “Emergency!”

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