Crossing The Border

November 15, 2010
By Bl00D5UCK3R BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Bl00D5UCK3R BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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If it weren’t for my mom’s courage,who is the awesome-est mom ever, we never would have started are family in America. One of the bravest and most dangerous thing my mom ever did was cross the border. When my mom crossed the border she was around her 30’s and she wasn’t alone my dad was with her. One day they decided to run away together to start a new life in the US. But, that wasn’t going to come easy like a slice of cake. It was going to be hard like a rock and it was going to be even harder because they weren’t going to get the help of a coyote. Which is someone that crosses you to the US for money, but my parents were determined to cross the border alone. So, they walked through the desert for hours and hours until it seemed like they walked for ever. Then they found some train tracks and they followed them until they reached a bridge. They decided to hang to the side of the bridge to prevent someone getting cut in half like a piece of wood. So, it took them a few minutes and then they were back on track. They walked and walked until they reached the river and it was the only thing left to do and then it was time to swim and when they reached the other side they had made it and all by themselves. Then a few months later my sister was born in Colorado, but before that my dad got a loan from the bank and bought a house. From then on my mom and dad started their life in the United States of America. But, in the land of the free nothing comes easy so they still had a lot of struggles ahead of them.

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I read another piece from teen ink and it was about a mom who was a single mom. But I got the whole mom idea from it.

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