June 4, 2010
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Empty House

It was the sunrise from the morning I slept over at Chastin's dazzling vanilla smelling house. It was more around 2:00.There was people at the park when we walked there. I didn't know the people there, but Chastin did. It was Kyle his brother Dylan and Dylan's friends. They saw us walking to an empty house. They were stalking us faster and faster then they started to charge us like a beastly bull. Earlier that morning Chastin and I were in that empty house and put water bottles in it. The only reason we were going back to that house was to see if the water bottles were cold. Anyway we saw them charging and ran like no other into that house. We charged to every door in the house and locked all of them. We were running from them because they had air soft guns. We were watching them through the front window next to the front door. Chastin was hiding. I gave them the call me sign. It past a few minutes and we thought they were gone, but they weren't. We heard the garage open. We rocketed into a closet and shut it with all our might. We heard them running all over the house. We were scared that they would find us, but we could beat them up. We heard them leave so we went outside and saw them at the park. We went and chilled with them and we told them that we were in the closet and they felt stupid. I will always remember the day when we were running from idiots.

Elevator Race

It was my crazy friends a fantastic birthday. Her name is Alyce .She is awesome, but she looks kind of Goth, but she is nowhere near acting Goth .Her birthday was at a hotel bigger than the white house. It was the biggest and best hotel I have ever been in. It had a big waterfall and trees on the inside. It was one of the best sleepovers I have ever had. In the morning we cleaned up the room and got dressed and everything. We went down for breakfast and I had an idea of an elevator race. They had 4 elevators. They were see through. You could see EVERYTHING below you .The hall ways were circular. The hotel was big and open so you could see us running down the halls .My team was me, Bella, Savanna, Chastin, and Kaitlyn. On their team they had Alyce, Brooke, Caroline, and Zaria. We were all racing to the room we were staying in. My team got on one elevator and the other team got on another. There elevator came down first and they didn’t wait for ours to come down so they cheated .They cheated and won the race .Then we had to clean up the room. After that we had the same teams, but this time there was one person at each floor and the person at the top had to get everyone and the first team at the bottom won. It didn’t work out so well so no one won. I will always remember that day where I could have gotten kicked out of a hotel.

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