May 9, 2010
By xhashimoto SILVER, Maricopa, Arizona
xhashimoto SILVER, Maricopa, Arizona
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He was in that stage in his life where he was so foolish and believed he could control everything in his life. As the time passed during this young man’s life, the more he blamed everything else for going wrong except for himself. When he was away from her, he had grown bitter towards his family and had resented all of the time that he was not with her. But when he was in her presence or when she was in his, everything felt right; he forgot about how much he hated being away from her and he had the freedom and no worry to not control who he was, what he wanted to say, or how he said it. He was free from restraint for a few hours, five days a week.

She had freed him in ways that he felt fearless and easygoing with life itself. To him, the beauty of her was beyond what anyone could see above the surface and that shone more brightly than any other female individual that he saw or was acquainted with. There was her ability to see those special factors of anyone in those she cared about that kept him going, the smile that always brought forth a smile upon his face, and the time when her hand touched his that sent his heart fluttering towards the sky. Also, her persistence and determination even astounds the boy that still loves too well and continues to love for more than a year now.

One day, she and her boyfriend were having some relationship problems; every relationship has them. One of her boyfriend’s acquaintances were talking to her and was confessing his “love” for her. Being the sweet girl and friend that she was to this boy, notified him immediately and told him everything and what she truly felt about it; she could not find a reason to leave the boy that was listening. When he heard this from her and saw the love that was still present in her heart, he thanked her for her honesty and courage to come forward. Then, she did something that he never really expected; she embraced him tightly and kissed him with her soft, tender lips; pressed them against his and slowly pulled away.

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

He felt all his anger toward the other teenage boy that had his eye upon the one teenage girl that knew that he could truly confide in; all of the malice in his heart, and even all of the old pain that had bored deeply into soul; all had disappeared from that one kiss. When he opened his eyes slowly, he didn’t see an average teenage girl that was extraordinarily able to listen and be there for those that she cared about; he saw an angel. She couldn’t be real, it was all too good to be true for him to believe. His heart had been broken multiple times and it was already mended within a couple weeks.

But he was frightened. He didn’t want to lose this feeling, ever. He needed this so badly. He could not find the strength to rid himself of the dependency of a girl that seemed to understand where his grief was coming from; and to him, that was the best acceptance he had felt in his life. He struggled over and over with himself during her absence from him and all he could really do is just try and cry that pain away. He prayed for a time to come where he would be able to be with her one time to break their long absence of each other. It did come, but he had to abuse the trust of others for him to fulfill his need… To both of them, it was well worth it.

Now, all he does is stare outside a window at night, holding tightly the teddy bear she gave him as a birthday present, and pray again and again for that one opportunity that they can see each other again. They can still communicate secretly without anyone truly knowing how or when they are doing so but it is never the same as hearing each other’s voices. Every night, he gives a kiss to the teddy bear and he hopes to somehow return that kiss that she gave him so long ago.

The author's comments:
Exequiel Hashimoto is a energetic, spastic fifteen year old with a desire of writing. He writes solely for the reflection and therapeutic effect that it has upon him. But, he does enjoy writing poems about the feelings of love, emotion, and the desires one has but cannot feel free to express themselves. He lives in Maricopa, Arizona with his two little sisters and both parents.

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