rusty the puppy

March 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Being unique is what makes you, you. My 5 year dog Rusty is quite a unique puppy, which is what makes him, himself. He speaks and rolls on his back, and when he speaks it sounds like Chewboka from 'Star Wars'. I had never heard anything like it, and neither had my parents. When guest came over, they thought he was the funniest and cutest dog ever (of course).

Another thing that makes him unique is that he will steal food off the counters. Some of the time he will either steal Fig Newtons or cookies and take them to my Dad's bed. He will tuck them under the covers, trying to hide them. But most of the time he will take a loaf of bread or bagles, and some times butter, to the down stairs couch. Then one of us (mostly me) will find them and put them back. Then he will go back to the couch and try to find them. It's really funny to watch him try to find the stolen item.

Another thing he does is run away from our house. Rusty either runs up the street a couple house (the family has 2 goldens too, and the other family who is a couple house down from us, are so use to it) that they know Rusty but not us. It's funny. Also when when you find him, he will come up to the car. He will look at you like he did nothing wrong. Just a couple of weeks ago he ran away at 4 a.m... It wasn't a pretty sight.

So what I have learned from my pup, Rusty, is that he being unique, is amazing. It makes Rusty more valuble because there is no dog like it. Also being unique can be fun too. My dog shows that being crazy and just living every moment to the fullest is a very fun thing to do. And for the people that get to know him, they get to know one unqiue dog, and that is cool!

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