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January 25, 2010
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The wind slammed in my face with a cold whip of air. I stuttered for a second trying to look up into the parking lot, to see the shine of my mom’s silver car. My ear catches a faint sound in the distance. “Sean, Sean. C’mon we’re going to be late!” I stumble out of my fourth grade classroom, trying to walk to my mom’s car.

My mom has a neurological disease called Multiple Sclerosis. A.K.A M.S. This certain disease doesn’t let a spot on your body function like it’s supposed to. On my mom, it’s her legs. She can walk she just limps a little.

We got out of the car and started walking slowly to the stairs. I walked up first, to open the door, while my mom was trailing behind me. She stepped up the first, and the second step. Then the third was a little different. She refused to make her eye catch the thing that was sitting right in front of her, waiting to trip her. It was a sprinkler with wheels. She stepped right on it and it slipped out from under her causing her to trip. This trip wasn’t any ordinary trip. I turn around and saw her sliding down the railing, and suddenly she lands face first on the cold hard sidewalk. My jaw drops. I could not believe what just happened. I throw myself down the stairs, forcing myself to land right next to my mom. “Mom?” I ask. She doesn’t answer. I lift her head slightly and then put it down after I feel a wet warm feeling on my hand. It was blood. Suddenly blood starts rushing out of her head falling right to the ground. Thoughts start rushing through my head, my heart was racing, my hands were trembling, covered in blood. “What should I do? Should I help her up or leave her? I ask myself.

I get up and sprint to my neighbor adrianna’s house. I bang on her door as hard as I could until my hand stopped me. The door whips open and her mom stands there staring at me. “Leslie, my mom fell. She’s bleeding like-“ I try to finish my sentence when I see her moving towards her closet. She throws a towel at me. “Go put pressure on the wound, I’ll call 911 and I’ll be up as fast as I can.” She says.

The door slams in my face and I turn around and run back up to my mom. Already two of my neighbors are at my mother’s aid. I feel a sign of relief for a minute. I can hear them trying to talk to her, and she actually is responding. But blood is leaving her head fast. I kneel down and put pressure on the wound, just like Leslie told me. All of a sudden I can hear a familiar sound in the distance. Sirens. Getting closer, closer, I turn around and there they are. 2 cop cars, 1 fire truck and 2 ambulances.

The fireman got out and put my mom on the stretcher. One fireman came up to me and started asking me questions. Something catches my eye. I see the ambulance start and its sirens start flashing. Red and blue lights flash in my face. I squint to see my mom go down the street. Sirens start fading, fading, and suddenly gone. I turn towards the fireman. “Thank you. Where will she be staying?” I ask. “She will be at Norwalk Hospital, just one night.” I feel sadness rushing through my body, but then I realize I did something right. I notice that even though she’s
hurt right now, she will be better tomorrow.

The Next day, she came back. I sprinted home when I got off the bus. I could see that shine again from my mom’s silver car sitting in my driveway. I rip the door open and hug my mom sitting right on my couch, smiling like she always does. I could see a line of stitches on her forehead. I ask her “So, how’s it going?” She laughs. “I’m o.k.” She pauses. “Thank god you were there.” She says. “I’m just glad you’re home.” I say softly. This event will help me in life, it will make me realize how much my mom and I lucked out. I walk into my kitchen and smell the air. My dad’s cooking something. He puts down the spatula and smiles. “Good work Sean.” He says. “Thanks Dad” My mom got back to normal in a couple days, picking me up from school, taking me places, I can remember her telling me that I’m her “Hero” and to this day she still thanks me.

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