Can Someone’s Car Reflect Their Personality?

January 21, 2010
By atticus18264 SILVER, Armonk, New York
atticus18264 SILVER, Armonk, New York
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Where is the connection between a person's personality and their car?

Well, I found him in his car’s roaring exhaust, the turning head’s on the streets that surround his house, and in its intimidation. If his car could speak, it would sound just like him, tough, confident, and sarcastic, and just like he is on our Sunday drives, his car would speak softly, and freely. He has the tendency to be the center of attention, hooking people with his wit, and the way his jokes roll of his tongue so naturally. If his car could speak, head’s would turn from a lot more than it’s deafening exhaust. The intimidation factor plays a big role in his personality, as it does with his car. His car has intimidation smeared all over it. I’ve seen people prowling for a race on the highway, and instantly they are turned off by the sound of his car’s exhaust exploding in front of them. If you know him, its easy to see the connection, that once a line is crossed he becomes intimidating, his voice roaring like an explosion, like the exhaust he put on his car.

I found him in the privacy of his tinted windows, and the black paint that his car is coated with. As a person, his privacy is perceived more as mysterious to people that don't know him. Mysteriousness is a quality he has that draws people too him, infecting them with curiosity. His car is the same way; pulling up to a red light, the driver in the car next to his can’t help but be intrigued by the dark figure behind the wheel. His tints give nothing away, unless your already on the inside. Its unknown to me if the mystery lies in his black windows or the shiny black paint on his car. Its hard to ignore his car when you see a perfect reflection of yourself as he passes by you on the street. He brings the same qualities to a conversation. If someone confides in him, he makes a connection, so in a way, people who are close to him can see themselves in him, and vis versa. It’s not only the shimmer his car gives off as it passes, but its the color in general - black, his favorite. Its not surprising to see that he only really wears black clothing, so therefore his car’s color is chosen to accent his personality.

I found him in the bucket of water he uses to clean his car at least once a week. I found him in the time he spends admiring his car, and the money he spends to keep it in perfect condition. I see him in what his car looks like everyday, unlike other people who live out of their cars, and clean them once a year. The way he tends to his car, and works hard to pay the bill every month represents how responsible he is, and how passionate he can be when something catches his interest. If ever I have met somebody that’s personality is reflected off of their car, it would be my boyfriend.

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