Missing Muffy

January 6, 2010
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Things can take you by surprise. When I walked inside my house that day I didn’t know that I would loose a loving companion and a best friend forever. That day I didn’t know how to say goodbye, but I learned. But I still don’t understand why the things you love leave you when your not ready to let go.

I have always loved animals, mostly dogs. I had a beautiful Pomeranian dog named Muffy, who left my life when she was only 7. She loved all people and she had the biggest heart. But one day something happened and I can’t ever go back and change it. I came home one day to find Muffy breathing extremely heavy, and she wasn’t acting right either. She wasn’t delighted to see my mom and I like usual, she seemed nervous. Right when we figured out that something was wrong with her, we took her right to the vet. In the car Muffy was just sitting on my lap and looking at me as if to say, “help me, please.” All the way to the vet I just kept saying to myself and to Muffy that she was going to be okay. When we arrived at the vet she got immediate care, but we couldn’t stay with her, they made us leave. Before we left I burst into tears and hugged my amazing dog, not knowing this would be the end. My mom and I said out goodbyes and watched them take away our helpless animal. We went into the car and cried all the way home.

I can remember the day Muffy was brought into our lives. When I was in first grade there was a commercial on the radio to adopt a rescue Pomeranian, and my mom was looking for one. Without telling my mom, my older brother, Jimmy, sent in an application. As my mom drove the car, my brother called and told us about the application and said that the dog was coming. We rushed home and I couldn’t wait to see the puppy. When they got to our house they said to keep her for the weekend and if we didn’t like her to bring her back. But I knew that once they put the puppy in my mom’s arms she would fall in love with it. They gave her the puppy and I wanted to hold her so bad.
“Mom, can I hold her?” I asked.
“Of course,” she answered. She started to place Muffy in my arms. As my mom gave me this fragile ball of fluff I heard her soft breathing. When she was finally in my arms I clutched her close to my body. While my mom and the man who gave Muffy to us talked I just couldn’t stop looking at her. I saw this adorable puppy looking up at me with these big shimmering eyes. She looked at me with such innocence and thoughtfulness. I pet her soft fur and I felt the warmth of her body pressing up against me. I kept thinking of how perfect she was and how much I wanted to keep her. I whispered to my mom and asked if we were going to keep her, but she didn’t answer me because she was still talking. After about 5 minutes my arms began to get sore, but I still held her tight. Then I heard them finish up their conversation. Then my mom said that we would keep her for the weekend and see how it goes. I got so excited, then as if Muffy knew what had happened she licked my cheek, and I kissed the top of her head then gave her back to my mom. During that weekend my entire family fell in love with Muffy. I will never forget that amazing day when a little dog changed my life forever.

When we got back from the vet about 30 minutes later the veterinarian called us and told us that Muffy had a mass in her lugs and was not going to make it. In that call the vet shrieked and said hold on. When she came back on the phone she told my mom that our little Muffy had passed. I heard my mom scream with agony from outside. My mom didn’t have to tell me what had happened, I knew. I knew that she was gone forever. I started to cry and I trembled with anger and sadness. My mom hung up the phone and came inside to find me shaking on the couch crying, she and my grandma hugged me and we all cried together.

The vet called back and told us that they had revived her, but she was still breathing heavy. I wanted to go and scream at them for putting her back in pain. Then they told us that we should put her to sleep. So many thoughts were going through my head like, why would they revive her if we just had to put her back to sleep? Then I realized that she wasn’t coming back home. I told a few of my friends what had happened and then my friend Carissa and her mom came over to comfort us. We talked to them for a while, then we thanked them and they left.

That terrible day my life had changed forever. You will never fully appreciate things until it is too late. To this day I still don’t understand why things have to leave you when your not ready to let go.

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