Coaster Freak Out

October 29, 2009
By zac winter BRONZE, Park City, Utah
zac winter BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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On a Saturday, in the month of August, my friends and I went to Park City Mountain Resort. We had a lot of free tickets to go on the amazing rides there. We couldn’t wait to have a to have the best time at the beautiful looking Resort.

The first ride we chose to go on was the Zip Line! But all that excitement ended when I saw the huge line to get up the Zip Line lift. As we waited in the very hot sun, we finally got to the lift! Then, I realized how slowly the lifts are in the summer, which bummed me out again. As we finally got to the top of the mountain, I got so excited to get on the Zip Line and yet there was another line! I don’t get why, but the lifts are always slower in the Winter. Thank goodness the line went fast and it was worth the wait.

The next ride we decided to go on was the Alpine Coaster.
I looked at it and saw a big line, but I did it anyway. It wasn’t long before I got in my coaster and I was off heading up the hill.

I arrived up at the top, and I didn’t hesitate to go down without slowing my coaster. Zooming down the track, I accidently ran into one of my friends who stopped right around the curve. I didn’t see him, and then our other friend ran into me. So then it was just bumper cars all the way down.

At the bottom of the hill, this old man employee was yelling at us to stop bumping into each other. So, we tried to stop, but my friend would stop in front of me, then I would run into him, and the other friend would run into me. When we fully stopped at the bottom, the old man employee started to point his finger at me. I could taste fear in my gut.

He started yelling at me “He doesn’t have a wrist band! I have witnesses that you were bumping into people! Look, YOU’RE BANNED FROM THE ALPINE COASTER!!”

I got off in silence with my friend, and then we started laughing so hard. My other friend was extremely angry at me, and i didn’t know why . So for the rest of the weekend, we all talked about that, and even today, we talk about it. I feel that getting banned from something is very embarrassing. Especially, when it was one of my friend’s birthday.

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