obstacles, friends, and living with yourself

September 17, 2009
Why is it an important part of growing up to overcome obstacles? Some people say it teaches problem solving. Some people say it teaches maturity. Altogether though, most people will tell you that it is an important part of growing up. I can’t tell you why, I can just tell you one of my stories.

Sharose was one of my best friends, he had moved here from Pakistan some time ago, but I had only me him recently we had become very fast friends. The only problem was that he was moving back to Pakistan. I had no idea what I was going to do, ever since I had met Sharose, I had almost neglected to talk to quite a few of my other friends. Several had wanted to go to a movie in a group several times, and they always called before they went, but after a while, they really didn’t seem to even expect me to say anything but no. All that I had done so far, however, was feel sorry for myself, so I finally made the effort to talk to my other friends noticeably more. They were all a bit annoyed that I hadn’t talked to them much since I had met Sharose, but they forgave me quickly. I had done what I felt I had needed to for the future, so now I just had to concentrate on the now. I had planned to say goodbye at the end of the day, but then again, life has just always got to throw a wrench at any good plan.

His parents pulled him out of school early.

Sharose’ parents came and got him after 6th period, as I later discovered. I never got to say goodbye to my best friend, but I moved on. There are always obstacles to overcome, and if you can’t adapt and overcome, you’ll just get left behind: tired, stuck, and hurt.

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